Day Trips to Teacapan, Sinaloa (GPS N22°53'06" W105°73'55") from Mazatlan and Playa Espiritu development plans
Top rated day trip excursions and popular self-guided tours of Rural Sinaloa Nature Reserves, ecotourism, estuaries and beaches near Mazatlan!

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Updated May 9, 2024


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Visit Villas Maria Fernnanda in Teacapan

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Teacapan, Escuinapa, Sinaloa, Mexico / Click for Day Trips homepage Teacapan / Playa Espiritu, Sinaloa
Day Trip South / 80 miles / How to get to Teacapan

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Secluded beach at Teacapan Sinaloa Mexico

Download free map and directions for day trip to Teacapan, SinaloaTeacapan, Sinaloa, Mexico is located on the Agua Grande river which feeds one of the largest estuaries in Mexico. At the very southern edge of Sinaloa State, this magnificent estuary encompasses the near-coastal border between Sinaloa and Nayarit states.

Teacapan is part of the municipality of Escuinapa, which is where you turn off Highway 15 for the last part of the drive to Teacapan.

Unique among our recommended day trips around Mazatlan for its tropical coastal lushness, Teacapan is a remarkable natural paradise that has drawn eco-tourists from around the world.

The Agua Grande river and its spectacular massive estuary -- over 30 miles long -- is a miniature Amazon, filled with tropical flowers, astounding numbers of birds and plentiful exotic wildlife.

Palm Plantation in Teacapan Sinaloa MexicoThe land next to the mouth of the river is dense with a incredible palm plantations -- supposedly over 3,000,000 palm trees -- surrounding unspoiled lagoons.

This pristine habitat is home to a vast number of species of birds like the Pink Spatula, grey and white Herons, Cormonares, Frigates and Storks.

Much of the estuary is Mangrove forests, and various wildlife watching eco tours are possible -- along with some really great fishing!

Beaches near Teacapan are virtually completely undeveloped and go on as far as the eye can see. Las Cabras, La Tambora and Las Lupitas are three of the most famous beaches that make up Teacapan's nearly 30 miles of virgin beach. From these heavenly beaches -- they are practically deserted -- you can fish, bird watch, participate in water sports and watch dolphins.

Video of of Teacapan, Sinaloa, Mexico -
Feel the Magic!

The sea and river life in the area is equally rich, and dolphins swim in the warm waters of the Agua Grande river. Bird watching in Teacapan is very popular, with the vast mangrove wetlands supporting a large variety of species in great numbers. Kayak tours of the wetlands can be arranged, and on longer tours -- they can last up to 6 hours, so they are best suited to trips that include an overnight stay -- you can visit the Pyramid of the Shells: a mound of oyster shells nearly 3 stories high!

Playa Espiritu logoPlaya Espiritu: Sinaloa's newest vacation destination

Teacapan itself is at a pivotal moment. Long a quiet fishing village, Teacapan has been earmarked by FONATUR -- Mexico's tourism development authority -- to be the next Cancun.

Malecon in Teacapan Sinaloa MexicoThe stated aim of FONATUR is to create a development model that supports sustainable ecotourism, and to develop infrastructure adjacent to the marshes that allow all forms of tourism while simultaneously respecting the complex ecosystem of south Sinaloa.

Important infrastructure improvements have been made, such as the construction of a proper Malecon per the Mazatlan model within the town.

The Playa Espiritu project at Teacapan expects to attract private capital that will transform the economy of the southern part of the state.

Today, Teacapan is still quiet and quaint, with a permanent population of a little over 4,000.

Teacapan, Sinaloa, Mexico Today

There are two business within Teacapan that day trip visitors should definitely be aware of...

Restaurant Sr. Wayne

Want some great seafood in Teacapan?

First, it's pretty hard to get anything but great seafood in Teacapan.

For great Teacapan seafood in an unpretentious long-established seaside restaurant in Teacapan -- it first opened in 1972 -- try Restaurant Sr. Wayne which is still in its original location, now on the new Malecon.

Restaurant Sr. Wayne offers a wide variety of fresh seafood dishes. The house specialty is Pescado Zaraneado -- a delicious traditional way of grilling fish flavored with olive oil, garlic, chiles and annato seeds that is unique to Mexico's Pacific Coast.

Restaurant Sr. Wayne's Pescado Zaraneado is, simply, out of this world!

Maria Fernanda Villas & Hotel

What if you like Teacapan so much that you'd like to stay a night or two?

Teacapan is home to a lovely boutique hotel, the Maria Fernanda, that is only steps to the water at the edge of the newly constructed Malecon.

Inexpensive (less than 50 USD per night at most times), the Maria Fernanda in Teacapan is constructed around two extremely lush tropical courtyards, and has two small swimming pools.

Rooms are spotless, of ample size, and have all typical amenities such as telephone, air conditioning and Sky TV. Most have lovely small kitchens, and larger villas on the property can accommodate groups of up to 8.

Villas & Hotel Maria Fernanda also has a good restaurant.

Fun pirate history of Teacapan!

While Teacapan has remained virtually completely undeveloped until recent years, it was not unknown to Mazatlecos -- or to pirates!

Long after the pirate threat to the Port of Mazatlan was largely eliminated, rogue ships still plied the seas south of the city and discovered that the mouth of the mouth of the Agua Grande river and surrounding estuary was a great place to hide.

In early June 1870 the pirate steamer Forward attacked the Port of Guaymas in the southern part of Sonora State, the Mexican state directly north of Sinaloa.

The pirates seized the customs house, robbed the foreign residents and forced the United States consulate in Guaymas to supply them with 200 pounds of coal.

By mid-June, 1870, the Forward, was prowling the Sea of Cortez off Sinaloa attacking merchant ships.

On June 17, 1870, a United States Navy steam sloop, the USS Mohican, engaged, boarded and sunk the Mexican pirate steamer Forward in what came to be called The Battle of Teacapan, which also involved the destruction of a substantial pirate camp that had been established in the marshes adjacent to the river.

Teacapan Day Trip Directions

Download free map and directions for day trip to Teacapan, SinaloaTo begin Mazatlan day trips to Teacapan depart Mazatlan on Highway 15D South and proceed for 55.5 miles -- through Escuinapa de Hidalgo. Turn right on the road marked Palmito del Verde and drive 11 miles. Bear left and proceed 6.5 miles. Bear right and proceed 6.5 more miles. Turn right and proceed for 0.5 miles to the entrance of Teacapan.

GPS N22°32'98" W105°44'50"



Map to Teacapan from Mazatlan

Teacapan Street map from Google Maps

Facts and figures about Teacapan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Teacapan was founded in 1602 by Spanish Conquistadors, and officially became a Mexican town on September 7, 1915.

Teacapan is located in the municipality (municipio) of Escuinapa.

Teacapan sits at an elevation of less than 10 feet above sea level.

The population of Teacapan is just over 4,000.

The telephone area code for Teacapan is 695.

The postal code for Teacapan is 82400.

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Day Trips from Mazatlan to Teacapan: The best nature reserves to visit with eco tours and bird watching in Rural Sinaloa including maps, directions, and detailed information, descriptions and reviews


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