Mazatlan Pulmonias, ECO and airport taxis and Aurigas: Information about taxi fares and getting around
The Pearl of The Pacific in red and green Eco taxis, our unique Pulmonias, Auriga pick-ups and airport taxi service!

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Updated May 9, 2024


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Mazatlán Taxi Services
Pulmonias, Eco Taxis, Airport Taxis and Aurigas

Pulmonia Taxis | Eco Taxis | Airport Taxis | Aurigas

Pulmonia taxi on the Malecon in Mazatlan

Getting around Mazatlan by taxi is easy, and usually inexpensive

In addition to regular taxis -- in Mazatlan they're called ECO Taxis -- the golf-cart looking Pulmonias and the ubiquitous Aurigas (pickup-trucks with shaded benches in the bed) are two types of transport unique to Mazatlan.

While they may look different than what most visitors imagine a taxi to be, in reality taxi service in Mazatlan is very similar to what Americans and Canadians know from back home.

Mazatlan taxis are not metered, and fares negotiated between passenger and driver -- unfortunate and fairly rare scams excepted -- are usually relatively low compared to fares for similar length taxi rides in cities in the United States and Canada.

Eco Taxis are also usually less expensive than the more-exotic Pulmonias, with many typical Mazatlan ECO taxi fares -- for example, from the southern end of the Golden Zone to the Centro Historico -- well under 100 pesos.

Take a time-lapse Pulmonia ride through Mazatlan's Centro Historico!

Taxi Transportation Basics

Pulmonia taxi in Mazatlan MexicoPulmonias LEARN MORE

The open-sided vehicles that look something like golf carts, and are usually white.

Green Ecotaxi Verde in Mazatlan MexicoECO Taxis LEARN MORE

These are a standard small-sedan type taxi which is either red or green, depending upon the ECO Taxi owner's group.

Eco Taxi Verdes Radio-dispatched Green Eco Taxis in Mazatlan

Telephone 669 986 1111

Note: ECO Taxis Verdes in Mazatlan can be ordered online using an Android / iOS / Windows Phone app that can be downloaded from or

Eco Taxi Plus Radio-dispatched Red Eco Taxis in Mazatlan

Telephone 669 985 2828

OMA Airport Taxi in Mazatlan MexicoAirport Taxis LEARN MORE

Taxi transport from the Mazatlan airport to the city is a monoply of the Airport Taxi Group. Airport Taxis in Mazatlan have yellow stripes with an airplane logo.

OMA Mazatlan Airport Taxi Radio-dispatched airport taxis in Mazatlan

Telephone 669 990 3555

Auriga in Mazatlan MexicoAurigas LEARN MORE

Converted pickup trucks with canopies and benches, which are almost always painted red -- the People's Taxi!

Sindicato de Aurigas de Mazatlán Radio-dispatched Aurigas in Mazatlan

Telephone 669 981 3535

Mazatlán Pulmonia Taxis Getting Around by Pulmonia

Pulmonia taxi in Mazatlan MexicoOpen-air Mazatlan Pulmonia taxi's are simply a lot more fun than a regular taxi!

Only in Mazatlan will you find the Pulmonia taxi. Mazatlan's Pulmonias -- the open-air "golf cart" looking taxis -- were invented here; are unique to The Pearl of The Pacific; and make a very enjoyable way to get around Mazatlan Mexico.

Pulmonias are based largely upon VW parts -- which are plentiful in Mexico because Volkswagens Beetles were produced here from the mid-1950s until the mid-1990's.

Pulmonia taxi in Mazatlan MexicoIn 1962 Mazatleco Miguel Ramierez Urquijo began work on the first Pulmonia, designed to be a less expensive alternative to the traditional Mazatlan taxis of the early 1960s.

In December, 1965, the first Pulmonia rolled on to the streets, and Pulmonias in Mazatlan have been a fixture of our roads ever since with over 300 currently in service.

Local legend has it that drivers of regular taxis -- jealous of the attention that Pulmonias immediately drew -- warned passengers not to ride in the door-less, window-less cars because they would catch pneumonia, and the name stuck.

Pulmonias are not cheap. Depending on options, a new one can easily cost over $10,000 dollars and that's just the start: lifetime Mazatlan Pulmonia licenses are over $50,000 dollars!

Video of Pulmonias in Mazatlan

Pulmonias are sometimes more expensive than the less exotic Eco taxis and it is important to negotiate your Mazatlan Pulmonia taxi fare before beginning your taxi ride.

For your safety, Mazatlan Pulmonia taxis and taxi drivers are licensed and regulated by the city, and are members of one of two Pulmonia driver's unions.

Union membership also means that Pulmonias carry some medical insurance, usually covering a maximum of four passengers.

Mazatlán Eco Taxis Getting Around Mazatlan by Ecotaxi

Eco Taxi Verdes Radio-dispatched Green Eco Taxis in Mazatlan

Telephone 669 986 1111

Eco Taxi Plus Radio-dispatched Red Eco Taxis in Mazatlan

Telephone 669 985 2828

Eco Taxi in Mazatlan MexicoMazatlan's Eco taxis -- red or green and white -- are standard small sedans such as the Nissan Sentra or the Hyundai Atos.

Eco Taxis are usually four door vehicles, relatively easy to get in and out of, and on hotter days they are usually air conditioned.

Like Pulmonia drivers, Mazatlan Eco taxis and drivers are licensed and regulated by the city, and are members of one of two driver's unions that provide insurance.

ECO taxis in Mazatlan are not metered and it is wise to agree on the fare before you start your taxi ride.

Mazatlán Airport Taxis Getting to town from the Mazatlan Airport

OMA Mazatlan Airport Taxi Radio-dispatched airport taxis in Mazatlan

Telephone 669 990 3555

Airport taxi in Mazatlan MexicoTaxi transport from the Mazatlan airport to the city is a monoply of the Airport Taxi Group.

Airport Taxis in Mazatlan have yellow stripes with an airplane logo.

Traditionally, taxi fares from the airport to locations within Mazatlan were based upon a zone system. Fares for various zones usually ranged from roughly $25 USD (Golden Zone) to $45 USD, which would cover the most distant destinations like the northern tip of Nuevo Mazatlan.

For a general overview of where the airport is in relation to the city download our map to the Mazatlan airport here.

Airport taxis are available 24-hours, payment in cash only.

Mazatlán Aurigas Getting Around by Auriga

Sindicato de Aurigas de Mazatlán Radio-dispatched Aurigas in Mazatlan

Telephone 669 981 3535

Auriga in Mazatlan MexicoAurigas are very common in Mazatlan, and an excellent way to get around town economically.

Modern Aurigas are pickup trucks with benches in the back, canopies, and are painted red, but Aurigas have a very long history as a public transport option in Mazatlan.

They are actually the decendants of of an early for of public transport in Mazatlan called Arañas -- "spiders" -- that were horse-drawn two-wheeled vehicles that resembled overgrown ricshaws, carried two passengers and plied the streets of Mazatlan at the dawn of the 20th Century. The first association of drivers of these vehicles, Sindicato de Aurigas de Mazatlán was formed in 1936, having re-named the vehicle.

Aranas in Mazatlan 1940sDespite the fact that Aranas co-existed with cars for decades, they were still pulled by horses, and in 1972 animal-drawn cariages were banned from the Malecon.

The modern Auriga is built from a smaller pickup truck -- usually a Nissan -- that has been customized with benches and sun-shade in the bed of the truck. With seating for four on each bench, Aurigas make excellent transportation for groups of up to the legal maximum of 8 passengers.

Auriga in Mazatlan MexicoThere are three Auriga associations in Mazatlan representing over 150 vehicles and over 400 drivers.

While many Aurigas follow fixed routes, Aurigas can be rented by the hour or day and will take you anywhere you want to go.

Empty Aurigas are a common sight in Mazatlan and can simply be flagged down and a private trip negotiated on the spot. Unlike Pulmonias, which are only allowed on city streets and cannot go on highways, Aurigas can be hired to take you out of town.

It is common for groups to hire Aurigas for fun rides to surrounding communities such as El Quelite, La Noria and Concordia; Cuchupetas restaurant runs to Villa Union; and even trips further afield like Teacapan.

The price of an Auriga ride has always been negotiable -- Aurigas are not metered.

Auriga fares are based upon the length of the trip, not the number of passengers.

The longest trips possible within Mazatlan -- El Faro to Playa Bruja, for example -- should be around 200 - 250 pesos which, with eight passengers, is insanely cheap!

For groups, out-of-town trips are also quite reasonable: Rural Sinaloa day trip gems like El Quelite and Concordia are usually under 500 pesos each way!

You can call Sindicato de Aurigas de Mazatlan -- the largest Auriga drivers and owners professional organization -- to book Aurigas.

Sindicato de Aurigas de Mazatlan

Telephone 669 981 3535

Pulmonia Taxis | Eco Taxis | Airport Taxis | Aurigas

Taxi and transportation tips for Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico: A guide to Eco and Pulmonia taxis, Aurigas, airport taxi service and fares you should expect to pay in the The Pearl of The Pacific!


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