Bike rental and Segwey tours in Mazatlan, mountain bike tours in Rural Sinaloa: An updated 2023 guide to the best bike shops in Mazatlan who rent, repair and sell mountain, street and cruiser bicycles
including Baikas Bike Rentals Segwey Tours, Bicicletas Fajardo, Bicicletas La Especial, Bicicletas Vallin, Kelly's Bicycle Shop, Mazatlan Bike Tours, Pedal Shop Bicycle Rental, Sea Breeze Bike Rental!

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Updated May 9, 2024


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Bike rental, repair, sales, tours
Bicyclist resources in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Mazatlan Malecon bike ride

Baikas Bike Rentals and Segwey Tours | Bicicletas Fajardo

Bicicletas La Especial | Bicicletas Vallin | Kelly's Bicycle Shop

Mazatlan Bike Tours | Pedal Shop Bicycle Rental

Sea Breeze Bike Rental

Bike riding in Mazatlan -- or trail riding in the hills outside the city -- is fun for every level of rider

Bicyclist takes a leisurely peddle down the Malecon If you want a leisurely ride, just peddle your cruiser bike up the Malecon!

If you want long-distance touring and races, ride from Mazatlan to one of the many Rural Sinaloa communities within reach of one-day bicycle day trips!

If you want to get crazy riding a mountain bike on a single-track trail, there are many places to do that just outside Mazatlan!

For more serious riders, two Mazatlan biking resources stand out: Fernando Kelly, owner of Kelly's Bicycle Shop and Tours, and Mazatlan Bike Tours and its owner Rudy Valdez.

Both Fernando Kelly and Rudy Valdez conduct more ambitious rides and tours, both on-road and off-road.

Kelly's Bicycle Shop is also widely regarded as the most experienced bike tuning and repair facility in Mazatlan, and they clearly have worked on more high-line bikes than any other shop.

Mazatlan is the location of a number of bike races, tours and events including Vuelta Ciclista Mazatlan (, an important five-day bike race that begins and ends in Mazatlan -- and that draws bicyclists from around the world.

Video of Ciclotour Mazatlan 2017

Stray Dogs have fun every Sunday!

Visit is also home to Perros Sin Dueño MTB (PSD), a non-profit organization whose mission is the advancement of cycling in Mazatlan, with a specific focus on cross-country mountain biking.

The club offers Sunday rides and an annual event called The Perruta.

The club has organized rides every Sunday. These rides range from 25 miles (40 km) to just over 60 miles (100 km) and pass through many of the cool pueblos surrounding Mazatlan. Weekly rides depart at 6am from Taller la Pachanga on Avenida Santa Rosa, directly behind Colegio ICO at Carretera Internacional Km 1202.

There is no cost for participation in the Sunday rides. Perros Sin Dueno does, however, ask for a small donation to help defray the cost of gasoline for the support vehicle, as well as water and fruit provided along the ride route.

Helmets are mandatory, and a suitable mountain bike in a good state of repair is essential. Bringing a spare tube to fit your rim size is a very good idea as well!

More information can be found at

The upcoming Perros Sin Dueño MTB Perruta 2019

The Perruta is an annual event coordinated by the Perros Sin Dueño MTB club. It is not a race but rather, a cross-country ride that that gives the participant a fabulous glimpse of the pueblos that surround Mazatlan.

2015 Mazatlan Perruta route map

The Perruta has two distance options for the participant: 50 km and 100 km. This ride is almost entirely cross-country (i.e. not on asphalt) and demands a moderate level of fitness, stamina and bike handling skills.

The Perruta is a fully supported ride with strategically placed hydration stations along the route that offer fluids and solids.

Of course, there are support vehicles as well.

For more information on Perruta 2019 or PSD Sunday rides, follow PSD on Facebook!

Additional information can be found at

Video of mountain biking near Mazatlan

Mazatlán bike rental, repair, sales, tours

Baikas Bike Rentals and Segwey Tours | Bicicletas Fajardo

Bicicletas La Especial | Bicicletas Vallin | Kelly's Bicycle Shop

Mazatlan Bike Tours | Pedal Shop Bicycle Rental

Sea Breeze Bike Rental

Baikas Bike Rentals and Segwey Tours
Cruiser Bike Rental in Mazatlan on The Malecon, Centro Historico, and in the Golden Zone

Olas Altas 166 / Centro Historico / Tel 669 910 1999

Avenida del Mar 1111 / Hotel Don Pelayo / Golden Zone / Tel 669 984 0101

Rental Segwey's on the Malecon in MazatlanBaikas Bike Rentals in Mazatlan has two locations: the first shop at Olas Altas Beach beside the Looney Bean coffee shop, and the new bike rental location on Avenida del Mar at the Don Pelayo Pacific Beach Hotel Mazatlan.

Baikas Mazatlan rents rents bikes men's and women's bicycles -- and provides bike helmets and sturdy locks free of charge!

Open daily from 7am - 9pm, Baikas Bike Rentals has a very friendly and knowledgeable staff, many of whom speak good English, and rents bikes by the hour, half-day and full day. They also have lower rates for longer term rentals.

Baikas also conducts bike tours of Mazatlan -- call ahead for details and pricing.

Style Note: Many people believe that Baikas rents the coolest looking cruiser bikes in Mazatlan!

Info about recommended Mazatlan bike rental and repair in the Centro Historico and Zona Dorada

Bicicletas Fajardo
Bike Repair in Mazatlan

Constitucion 810 / Centro

Bicicletas Fajardo is an excellent all-around bicycle repair shop located in Centro. Owner Jose Luis Rodriguez does a great job cleaning and tuning up old bikes, and his charges are very modest.

Open Monday through Saturday, 10am - 2:30pm and 4pm - 8pm.

Information about recommended Mazatlan bike repair shops

Bicicletas La Especial
Bike Rental, Repair and Sales in Mazatlan

5 de Mayo / at Plaza Zaragoza / Centro Historico

Bicicletas La Especial sells, repairs and rents bicycles. Located in the Centro Historico across from Plaza Zaragoza on 5 de Mayo, this bike shop has lots of unusual specialty bikes -- including tandems!

Bicicletas La Especial is open Tuesday - Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 1pm - 9pm. Closed Mondays.

Information about recommended Mazatlan bike rental and repair shops in the Centro Historico

Bicicletas Vallin
Mazatlan Bicycle Store and Repair Shop

Juan Carrasco 618 / Centro / Telephone 669 982 6783

Insurgentes 4303 / Telephone 669 990 3075

Bicicletas Vallin in Mazatlan is a large bike store with two locations.

Bicicletas Vallin carries a very wide range of bicycles: everything from children's bikes (and tricycles) to a variety of adult models.

Bicicletas Vallin does all manner of bike repairs, and has used bicycles for sale.

Open Monday through Friday 9:30am - 7pm, Saturday 9:30am - 6pm.

Information about recommended Mazatlan bike repair and purchase

Kelly's Bicycle Shop and Tours
Mazatlan Bicycle Rental, Repair, Purchase and Advanced Mazatlan Bike Tours!

Telephone 669 914 1187

Calle Carlos Canseco 6020 / Marina Mazatlan

Kelly's Bike Shop in Mazatlan is widely considered the best bike shop in town.

Owner Fernando Kelly has pretty much cornered the market for servicing more serious riders with more serious bicycles. Kelly's sells, rents and repairs bikes, and offers well known and highly recommended bike tours of Mazatlan.

Hours 10am - 2pm and 4:30pm - 8pm Monday through Saturday.

So -- do you need to get crazy off-pavement? Kelly can do that.

Video of an off-road bike race outside Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Information about the best Advanced Mazatlan Bike Tours, bike repairs, rentals and purchase

Mazatlan Bike Tours
Mazatlan Mountain Bike Tours for beginners to advanced riders!

Telephone 669 164 1406

Andador Guerrero Negro 111 / Mazatlan

Mazatlan Bike Tours is owned by Rudy Valdez, one of the most experienced mountain bikers in Mazatlan.

Mazatlan Bike Tours conducts off-road trail biking tours in the coutryside around Mazatlan that are led by Rudy and other experienced bilingual bike tour guides.

Mazatlan Bike Tours bikes are always first-class, as is other equipment provided for riders without their own biking gear. The rides traverse pristine forests, as well as taking riders past farms and through small communities.

Bicycle tours are private and by reservation -- which allows Rudy and his expert guides to tune the difficulty of the ride to each riders skill level.

Mazatlan Bike Tours mountain bike trips are also very modestly priced!

Video of single track mountain biking tour outside Mazatlán!

Information about recommended mountain bike tours near Mazatlan

Pedal Shop Bicycle Rental
Mazatlan bike and tricycle recumbent / recliner rental

Telephone 669 980 0699

Paseo Olas Altas 81 / Olas Altas Beach / Mazatlan

Pedal Shop Bicycle Rental is located right on Olas Altas across from the Malecon.

This cool shop specializes in tricycles / recumbent / recliner bikes and 4-wheeled pedaled vehicles for kids.

All of Pedal Shop's rental bikes are first-class, and new.

Pedal Shop Bicycle Rental is open from 4pm - 10pm Monday - Thursday, 7am - 9pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Information about recommended tricycles / recumbents / recliner bike rental in Mazatlan

Sea Breeze Bike Rental
Rent a cruiser bike in Mazatlan

Telephone 669 983 4070

Avenida Del Mar 7000 / La Paloma condominiums / Fraccionamiento Flamingos

Sea Breeze Bike Rental rents cool cruiser bikes in the Golden Zone. Owners Brenda and Kipp McEwen keep their bicycles in great shape to help you keep in great shape, with helmets and locks are provided for your safety and convenience.

Think easy-riding single speed cruisers -- go cruise The Malecon!

Sea Breeze Bike Rental is open 6am - 6pm in the Winter; 7am - 7pm in the Summer. English and Spanish spoken.

Information about recommended Mazatlan Cruiser Bike Rentals

Mazatlán bike rental, repair, sales, tours

Baikas Bike Rentals and Segwey Tours | Bicicletas Fajardo

Bicicletas La Especial | Bicicletas Vallin | Kelly's Bicycle Shop

Mazatlan Bike Tours | Pedal Shop Bicycle Rental

Sea Breeze Bike Rental

2022 information about Baikas Bike Rentals, Bicicletas Fajardo, Bicicletas La Especial, Bicicletas Vallin, Kelly's Bicycle Shop, Mazatlan Bike Tours, Pedal Shop Bicycle Rental, Sea Breeze Bike Rental


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