Mazatlan water sports and fun beach activities: A 2024 Guide to the best recommended surfing, boogie boarding, SCUBA diving, ocean swimming,
snorkeling, Banana Boat rides, jet skiing, wave runners, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, Hobbie Cats, sailing and trimaran rides and other splashy recreation!

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Updated May 9, 2024


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Mazatlán Beach Activities
Surfing, sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding and beach activities!

Download free 2023 Mazatlan Beach Guide beach mapDownload a free Mazatlán Beach Guide 2024 map with descriptions of our beaches!

Surfing and Surf Shops, Surf Schools and Surf Camps

Ocean Swimming Club | Water Parks and Public Swimming Pools

Banana Boats, Jet Ski, Wave Runner, Parasailing, Sailing and SCUBA

Horseback Riding on The Beach!

Surfer in Mazatlan

Mazatlan is the quintessential Beach Town, with many miles of beaches within the city limits and, literally, hundreds more in either direction along the Sinaloa coast.

Given its geographical location on Mexico's Pacific Coast, is not surprising that Mazatlan would be a mecca for water sports. Surfing, sailing, kayaking, SCUBA diving, kite surfing -- and lots less strenuous water sports like banana boat rides and parasailing -- are available on Pearl of The Pacific beaches.

But back to surfing!

There are many surf spots within the city and many more within an hour's drive. These surfing locations offer a diverse selection of waves including many exciting point breaks and beach breaks that thrill all levels of surfers.

Mazatlan waves -- especially in the late Summer months -- are challenging enough that Quicksilver Surfing Tournaments have been held in Mazatlan, and yet other parts of our shoreline are smooth enough for even a novice surfer!

Or, take the less-athletic approach to your water sports: Banana Boat rides are always fun, right?

Mazatlán Surfing, Surf Shops,
Surf Schools and Surf Camps

Before we discuss specifics, always remember to pimp your board...

Barras de Piaxtla Surf Camp
Info about top rated Sinaloa Surf Camps near Mazatlan

Not strictly in Mazatlan -- Barras de Piaxtla Surf Camp is, as the name suggests, located in Sinaloa fishing village of Barras de Piaxtla little more than an hour drive north of the city -- this operation delivers top rated surfing in a truly pristine environment.

Part of the Nomad Surfers network of surf camps that span the globe including locations in Asia, Africa, Australia, Oceania and Europe as well as the Americas, these are experienced professionals -- they advertise "Board Riding Holidays Since 1995" -- who make sure that their clients have great surf vacations.

Barras de Piaxtla Surf Camp vacation packages include all meals; comfortable, air-conditioned rooms; use of all resort amenities; use of all surf camp equipment including kayaks, surfboards, wetsuits, kayaks, fishing gear and more; a Barras de Piaxtla Surf Camp / Billabong Camps t-shirt; daily surf instruction; high quality digital pictures of you surfing; one guided tour of the beautiful surrounding Sinaloa countryside as well as transfers to and from the Mazatlan International Airport.

Not inexpensive, but well worth it. Discounts available for groups.

Telephone 669 154 5155

Barras de Piaxtla / Sinaloa

East Pacific Surf Camp
Info about top rated Mazatlan Surf Camps for experienced surfers

East Pacific Surf Camp is located at Marina Mazatlan. This top rated Mazatlan surf camp offers instruction and surf adventures for surfers with intermediate to advanced skills.

Most of their clients choose to bring their own surfboards, but if yours gets broken -- or you didn't travel with it -- they can provide you with a quality replacement.

Their lodging, the East Pacific Surf House, is a spectacular four-bedroom home in the exclusive Puerta España community on the Marina El Cid, and it is as luxurious as any surfer could want!

And convenient as well: the house is just 60 feet from the dock where their 37 foot surf boat awaits.

With operations in not only in Mazatlan but in Puerto Vallarta as well, East Pacific Surf Camp is extremely familiar with surfing conditions along the west coast of Mexico, and they pride themselves on the accuracy of their wave forecasts.

Telephone 669 154 5155

Telephone / United States 508 598 5799

El Cid Marina / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Jah Surf School
Info about recommended Mazatlan Surf Schools and Surf Camps

Jah Surf School is a group of dedicated and experienced surfers who provide instruction and board rentals at various beaches in and near Mazatlan.

Jah Surf School's experienced surfing instructors and guides know all the best breaks -- and the best times to surf them -- and offer surf trips both within and outside the city of Mazatlan.

Within the city of Mazatlan most surfing is beach break, but there can be several excellent point breaks depending on current, wind and weather.

Jah Surf School can also take you to secret surf spots outside Mazatlan where you will experience some of the most memorable waves of your life. These top rated Sinaloa surfing beaches outside Mazatlan -- generally within an hour drive -- offer dozens of incredible point breaks, and the opportunity to surf some of the best waves in Mexico pretty much all by yourself!

Surf trips include surfboard (if you didn't bring your own), transportation, and six hours of surf-time at some of Sinaloas' best surfing locations. Prices vary depending on the type of surf trip.

Jah Surf School has partnered with El Sol La Vida Beachfront Resort to offer surf plus hotel packages...

Telephone 669 149 4699

Mazatlan Surf Center
Info about top rated Mazatlan surf shops, surfing lessons, equipment rental and sales

Mazatlan Surf Center is a popular long established surf shop located in the Golden Zone. Mazatlan Surf Center is home to Billabong Camps, a program that offers quality surf lessons at selected locations worldwide.

This surf shop offers a wide range of surf and water sports activities and equipment.

Mazatlan Surf Center has a substantial selection of surfboards for rent; rental kayaks and stand up paddleboards; surfing accesories and surf apparel.

Mazatlan Surf Center offers surf lessons virtually every day at a very modest cost -- just 65 USD for two hour private lessons -- and you get a cooll free Billabong Camps t-shirt!

For beginners, the highly experienced Mazatlan Surf Center instructors provide great instruction that introduces them to the sport the fun and safe way, and for more advanced riders, great tips on how to continue to improve their surfing skills.

Lessons require reservations, so call Mazatlan Surf Center and sign up for some of the best big surf fun in Mazatlan!

Telephone 669 913 1821

Camarón Sábalo 500 / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Palm Surf
Info about Mazatlan top rated surf shops, surfing lessons, equipment rental and sales

Palm Surf in Mazatlan is a recommended surf shop located in the Golden Zone. Palm Surf offers board rentals, lessons and group discounts. Open 10am until 8pm every day except Sunday.

Telephone 669 914 0687

Camarón Sábalo 333 / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Quicksilver Surf School / Escuela de Surf Quicksilver
Info about the best Mazatlan surf shops, surfing lessons, equipment rental and sales

Quicksilver Surf School in Mazatlan is one of the best places to learn to surf, a fact that many families in Mazatlan have known for years.

Owner Javier Diaz and his staff are great instructors that always place the safety of their students first.

Surfing classes are conducted multiple times per day, and reservations are required. Classes include a properly sized surfboard, a cool surf shirt, drinking water (stay hydrated!), sunscreen (don't get sunburned!) and, of course, top rated surfing instruction!

Telephone 669 120 9073

Beside the Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan hotel / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Surf in Mazatlan
Info about recommended Mazatlan surf shops, surfing lessons, equipment rental and sales

Surf in Mazatlan is a full service surf shop located in the Golden Zone. This popular and well-stocked store sells all sorts of surfing equipment, cloths and accessories and rents surf boards, body boards and paddleboards.

Surf in Mazatlan also conducts surfing classes and tours to some of the best surf spots near Mazatlan!

Telephone 669 984 4408

Camarón Sábalo / Above Cinemas Gaviotas / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Video of surfing in Mazatlán

Ocean Swimming Club

Mazatlan is, of course, a paradise for swimmers. Virtually all of our hotels have pools, many of which are suitable for doing serious laps. But if you want to get your Diana Nyad ocean-swimming freak on, you don't have to swim alone!

Club de Natación Playa Norte / Mazatlan Swim Club
Information about ocean swimming in Mazatlan

Logo Club de Natacion MazatlanFounded in 1983, Club de Natacion Playa Norte is one of the longer-established Mazatlan athletic organizations, and a great resource for ocean swimmers!

Located at Playa Norte between the Fisherman's Monument and the skateboard park on the Malecon, Club de Natacion has bathrooms and showers, as well as an attendant to watch over your keys and other valuables while you swim. The members of Club de Natacion Mazatlan are a very active bunch, with members swimming every morning of the year and competitions virtually every month.

In adition to the regular swim meets, the swim club puts on a number of special swims to Deer Island, which is about three miles from the clubhouse. Members of the swim club are highly experienced at swimming our particular corner of the Sea of Cortez, and are known to be very helpful to visiting or less experienced ocean swimmers.

Club de Natacion is well known as a very positive force in the community, and has provided healthy exercise and positive role models to countless children in Mazatlan for over 30 years.

Annual membership to Club de Natacion Playa Norte is under 20 USD and entitles members to unlimited use of the facilities.

The clubhouse opens between 6am and 7am pretty much every day.

Mazatlán Water Parks and
Public Swimming Pools

Funky Monkey Hostel takes a trip to the waterpark and other nautical Mazatlán destinations...

Mazagua Water Park
Information about Recommended Mazatlan Water Parks

Telephone 669 988 0041

Camarón Sábalo / North end of Cerritos at the turn to El Habal / Nuevo Mazatlan

The popular Mazagua water park in Mazatlan is a refreshing water park at the North end of Nuevo Mazatlan. Lots of fun for the whole family with water toboggans, a wave pool and lots more splash-time fun!

Mazagua Water Park is easy to get to by public transport: just take the Cerritos - Juarez bus north (toward Cerritos) from anywhere along the Malecon / Waterfront.

Open 10am - 6pm. Admission is about 12 USD and children under 3 are free!

Video of Mazagua Water Park

La Carpa Olivera, the saltwater Pool on the Malecon
Info about La Carpa Olivera, the public saltwater pool in Mazatlan

On the Malecon at the north end of Olas Altas Beach

The public saltwater pool at the north end of Olas Altas Beach, La Carpa Olivera, has been a traditional beachfront destination for families in Mazatlan since the earliest days of World War One!

La Carpa Olivera Pool in Mazatlan

One of the least expensive and most fun places to take a dip in saltwater within a controlled environment is at this cool public pool, set right on the ocean. For generations, adults and children have splashed and played comfortably as waves explode over the oceanside of the pool.

La Carpa Olivera has an interesting history.

Constructed in 1914 by Argentine Antonio Olivera, it was originally a series of several pools. A hurricane in the 1950's destroyed the other pools, but the one you see today is the precise location of a public swimming facility that has been in operation for 100 years!

Banana Boats, Jet Ski, Wave Runner, Parasailing, Sailing and SCUBA

Aqua Sports Center and SCUBA Dive
Info about Mazatlan water sports activities and rentals

Aqua Sports Center and SCUBA Dive in Mazatlan is a highly popular family owned and operated bussiness that has served Mazatlan water sports lovers since 1985.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, both for rental and instruction.

Aqua Sports Center offers SCUBA diving trips and SCUBA certification classes; Discover Scuba introductory classes; snorkeling trips; parasailing adventures; stand up paddle board lessons; surfing lessons; surf adventure excursions and jet ski rentals.

Aqua Sports Center in Mazatlan offers many adventure tours such as Jet Ski tours; Surf Adventure; waterborn tours of Deer Island; Deer Island snorkel excursions; Hobie Cat rentals and Kayaking Tours of the waters off Mazatlan.

Telephone 669 913 0451

Within Hotel El Cid Castilla / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Recommended banana boat rides, boogie boarding, jet skiing, wave runners, kayaking and sailing

Pacifico Parasailing
Info about Mazatlan parasailing

Feel like hanging out under a parachute and watching the Mazatlan beach scene from altitude? Pacifico Parasailing can make that happen!

At Pacifico Parasailing you take off and land on the beach, and the friendly and knowledgeable bilingual staff make sure you are comfortable with everything, from harnessing to landing.

With Pacifico Parasailing taking you several hundred feet high, these rides make for great photo opportunities!

On the beach near the Pueblo Bonito Hotel

Information about Recommended Mazatlan Parasailing

Trimaran Kolonahe
Info about Mazatlan trimaran cruises

Feel like going for a sail on a beautiful trimaran?

Trimaran Kolonahe sails to Deer Island every day except Monday at 9:30am.

The five-hour cruise costs under $60 per person which includes the use of kayaks, snorkeling equipment, lunch and drinks at Deer Island. Trimaran Kolonahe also offers less expensive sunset cruises, and can be chartered for private cruises.

Telephone 669 916 3468

On the boulevard at Marina El Cid

Information about Recommended Mazatlan Trimaran cruises and charters

Horseback Riding and Renting a Horse

Ginger's Bilingual Horses Mazatlan

Stone Island Horses
Info about Stone Island horseback riding and renting a horse in Mazatlan

Imagine horseback riding on a remote beach, with waves lapping at your horse's feet. Sound like a dream? No, it's just another day on Stone Island. Horse back ride oceanside on one of Mazatlan's most beautiful stretches of virgin beach. Horses can be rented on Stone Island very inexpensively -- usually under $15 USD per hour -- and make a lovely addition to a Stone Island day trip.

Stone Island

Information about recommended horse rental on Stone Island

Surfing and Surf Shops, Surf Schools and Surf Camps

Ocean Swimming Club | Water Parks and Public Swimming Pools

Banana Boats, Jet Ski, Wave Runner, Parasailing, Sailing and SCUBA

Horseback Riding on The Beach!

Download free 2023 Mazatlan Beach Guide beach mapDownload a free Mazatlán Beach Guide 2024 map with descriptions of our beaches!

2023 guide to fun beach activities in Mazatlan including recommended Surfing, Ocean Swimming, Kayaking, Diving, Jet Ski and Wave Runner Rental, Parasailing, Sail Boat Rental and Banana Boat Rides


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