Free offline mobile .pdf maps, online city may, beach map, bus routes and .pdf maps with directions to pueblos and destinations near Mazatlan including Concordia, Copala, Cosala, El Quelite,
El Rosario, La Noria, Lake El Salto, San Ignacio and Teacapan, and sightseeing attractions like Las Labradas, Meseta de Cacaxtla, Barras de Piaxtla and Playa el Caimanero in Rural Sinaloa, Mexico

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Updated May 9, 2024


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Sightseeing Attractions

Beach Guide and Free Map

Centro Historico Walking Tour

Street Food in Mazatlan

Day Trips to Rural Sinaloa

Tours and Excursions

Mazatlan and Rural Sinaloa Mexico maps Maps of Mazatlan Sinaloa

events • holidays

Dia de la Independencia 2024

Day of The Dead 2024

Mazatlan Carnival 2025

Spring Break Mazatlan 2025

Semana Santa Mazatlan 2025

outdoor fun • exercise

Water Sports and beach activities

Sport Fishing, ocean and lakes

Golf Courses and driving ranges

Health Clubs and outdoor sports

Bike Rental, repair, sales, tours

shopping • services

Mazatlan Shopping Guide 2024

Spas, Salons and Beauty

Veterinarians and Animal Welfare

Real Estate Guide and MLS

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Mazatlan FAQ and Travel Tips

Taxis and Pulmonias

Buses: intercity, international, local

Cruise Ships Shore Excursions

Mexican Federal Highway 40 / 40D

Auto Service and Repair

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health care and medical tourism

Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacies

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history • churches

Mazatlan History in English

Sinaloa History in English

Churches in Mazatlan, Mexico

A 2024 Guide and free maps for Mazatlan Day Trips!

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Free maps of Mazatlán and Sinaloa
Download free maps of Mazatlan and to Rural Sinaloa towns

Download free maps of Mazatlan and Sinaloa State, Mexico22 free Mazatlán maps that can be downloaded as mobile-friendly .pdf's!

Click below to download pdf maps and driving directions to pueblos, communities and other destinations within Rural Sinaloa and Durango State.

All of the destinations are close enough to visit on Mazatlan day trips if you have a car.

The furthest locations are best visited with an overnight stay, such as a Mazatlan - Durango excursion on the Federal Highway 40D toll road: as wonderful as Mazatlan is, it would be a shame to rush back...

Download free local maps of Mazatlán

Map of Mazatlan Beaches (español)

Mazatlan Centro Historico Walking Tour (español)

Map of how to get to Stone Island / Isla de la Piedra

Mazatlan Day Of The Dead parade map (español)

Map of city bus routes in Mazatlan

Map to the Mazatlan Airport

Download free north-of-Mazatlán day trip maps with driving directions

El Quelite | La Noria | Meseta Cacaxtla - Barras Piaxtla

Las Labradas Petroglyphs | San Ignacio

Lake El Salto | Cosala | Durango, Durango State

Download free south-of-Mazatlán day trip maps with driving directions

Concordia | Copala | El Rosario | Playa el Caimanero

Teacapan - Playa Espiritu

Below is a zoomable detailed street map of Mazatlan, which can also be opened in a new browser window (View Larger Map) to provide a full screen viewing area.

Zoomable slippy street map of Mazatlán, Sinaloa,
starting in the Centro Historico

Overview map of Day Trips and
Southern Sinaloa State

We offer this simplified map of southern Sinaloa below for general orientation to where the various Mazatlan day trip destinations are located.

Overview map of Mazatlan day trip destinations

Road maps of Mazatlán and Sinaloa

The best paper street map of Mazatlan is produced by Guia Roji, and is widely available wherever Guia Roji maps are sold such as OXXOs, AutoZone, and other retailers.

Detailed paper road and topographical maps of Sinaloa State have, traditionally, not necessarily been easy to obtain locally.

INEGI -- Instituto Nacional de Estadistica Y Georgaphia, the official Mexican Government statistic and mapping organization -- produces detailed maps of virtually all of Mexico, but their products are rarely available in town.

For those interested in detailed INEGI maps they can be ordered directly from INEGI online at (Spanish language only website), or through a major reseller like, whose website is in English.

The best commonly available Sinaloa State road maps are also the Guia Roji series, which provide some topographical information. Guia Roji maps of Sinaloa -- as well as other parts of Mexico -- are available at most OXXOs, AutoZone, and other retailers.

Unfortunately, the highly detailed Guia Roji map for Sinaloa State is at a smaller scale than the series for the rest of Mexico, and as a result is difficult to read.

Sinaloa Today

Modern Sinaloa isn't just rural Pueblos Magico gems -- it is a vibrant economic and cultural entity that is making its mark not just on the economy and culture of Mexico, but on the world. Enjoy this video overview of Modern Sinaloa!

Video about the beautiful state of Sinaloa, Mexico

Zoomable city map of Mazatlan and free .pdf maps with directions to Rural Sinaloa towns of Concordia, Copala, Cosala, El Quelite, El Rosario, La Noria, San Ignacio, Barras de Piaxtla, Teacapan and more!


Dia de la Independencia Mazatlan 2024

Day of The Dead / Dia de los Muertos 2024

Mazatlan Carnival 2025 - español

Spring Break Mazatlan 2025

Easter Week / Semana Santa 2025 - español


Centro Historico

Free Centro Historico Walking Tour - español

Plaza Machado

Angela Peralta Theater

Basilica de La Inmaculada Concepción

The Malecon

Cliff Divers

Fine Art Museum

Archaeology Museum

Pedro Infante Museum - español

Pino Suarez Market

Acuario Mazatlan Aquarium

Carpa Olivera saltwater public pool

El Faro Lighthouse

Bosque de La Ciudad central city park

Estero del Yugo nature preserve

Cruise Ship Arrivals and things to do

Tours and passenger excursions


El Quelite

La Noria

Meseta de Cacaxtla and Barras de Piaxtla

Las Labradas Petroglyphs

San Ignacio

Lake El Salto


Reserva Nuestra Señora Mundo Natural

Mexican Federal Highway 40D - español

Victoria de Durango, Durango



El Rosario

Playa Caimanero

Teacapan / Playa Espiritu

Stone Island - español

Deer and Goat Islands

Bird Island


Sport Fishing, ocean and Bass lake trips

Golf Courses and driving ranges - español

Bike Rental, Repair, Sales, Tours

Fitness, Exercise, Yoga

Water Sports


Spa and Salon

Veterinarians, Pet Care and Shelters

Real Estate MLS

Pulmonia and Taxi

Bus lines, routes and terminals - español


Medical Care, Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacy

Emergencies and EMS

Auto Repair

WiFi and Phone

Free maps of Mazatlan and Sinaloa

History of Mazatlan

History of Sinaloa State



Centro Historico Walking Tour Map - español

Beach Guide Mazatlan 2023 - español

Day of The Dead Parade Map - español

Stone Island Day Trip Map - español

Concordia Day Trip Map

Copala Day Trip Map

Cosala Day Trip Map

Durango Day Trip Map

El Quelite Day Trip Map

El Rosario Day Trip Map

La Noria Day Trip Map

Lake El Salto Day Trip Map

Las Labradas Petroglyphs Day Trip Map

Meseta Cacaxtla - Barras Piaxtla Day Trip Map

Playa el Caimanero Day Trip Map

Reserva Nuestra Señora Mundo Natural Day Trip Map

Teacapan Day Trip Map

Medical Services and Medical Tourism

City Bus Map

Map to Mazatlan Airport

Grocery Shopping words in Spanish

Emergency Services

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