Mazatlan Sport Fishing Fleets and Charters - An updated 2023 guide to fleet and charter boat operators offering deep sea ocean fishing trips and freshwater fishing in
Sinaloa with information about recommended Bass fishing trips to Lake El Salto, Lake Mateos, Lake Picachos and Lake Comedero, Mexico where you can catch big fish!

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Updated May 9, 2024


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Mazatlán Sport Fishing 2022!
Ocean charters and fleets, bass fishing, and charter trip info

Sportfishing Overview | Sinaloa Bass Fishing Lakes

Fishing Charters and Lodges

Sportfishing Overview | Sinaloa Bass Fishing Lakes | Charters & Lodges

Anglers Inn | Aries Fleet | Bass El Salto | Escualo Fleet Sport Fishing

Flota Bibi Fleet | Flota Sabalo | Neptune Fleet | Pepe's Fleet

Pro Team Sport Fishing | Ron Speed Jr's Adventures

Vikings Fleet Sportfishing

Sailfish in Mazatlan Mexico

Mazatlan sportfishing is world-class. On a good day Mazatlan ocean fishing charters -- or Bass fishing in Sinaloa's magnificent freshwater lakes -- are as good fishing trips as anything you will find anywhere!

Mazatlan sport fishing is perhaps most known for its billfish, and if you are looking to land the monster Marlin or Sailfish of your dreams, deep sea sportfishing charters in the blue Pacific off Mazatlan are the place to do it.

Our sportfishing charters journey to prime angling areas just a few miles off the coast where sailfish can be found in abundance. A number of Mazatlan fishing operators mandate catch-and-release, and virtually all tour operators encourage catch-and-release.

Beyond Marlin there are, of course, many other types of ocean fish that our sportfishing charters often encounter such as Swordfish, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Sharks, Snapper, Tripper, Sea Bass, Snook, and Rooster Fish, just to name a few.

There are two locations where the Mazatlan fishing fleets are located, and where ocean sport fishing charters originate.

All of the fishing fleets used to be located at the southern tip of the city by the lighthouse, El Faro.

Map Old Port in Mazatlan from Google Maps

Now, many of the fleets have re-located to the much larger new marina located north of the Golden Zone - Zona Dorada in the new Marina Mazatlan.

The new marina boasts most of the newest -- and the greatest variety -- of sport fishing charter boats, and is now home to the newest of the fleets as well as many of the most popular of the original fleets.

Map to Marina Mazatlan from Google Maps

Prices for Mazatlan ocean fishing charters tend to be comparable between the various fleets for either Cruisers or Pangas. If you're looking for a less expensive fishing expedition, the fleets based at El Faro sometimes offer slightly less expensive sportfishing charters than those at the new marina.

A fishing license is required for people over the age of sixteen. When fishing with one of the fleets you can obtain a license from the marina, the port office, or through your charter operator.

Mazatlan sport fishing is known worldwide, and return clients know that is best to book fishing charters well in advance. From November to April -- our peak season -- the most popular fleets sometimes have limited availability for walk-ins.

Bass fishing at lakes El Salto, Mateos, Picachos
and Comedero in Sinaloa Mexico

Mazatlan -- and Sinaloa State -- are also known for superb Largemouth Bass fishing, particularly at Lake El Salto, Lake Mateos, Lake Picachos and Lake Comedero.

While many fishermen are focused on the saltwater sport fishing in the waters off the shores of Mazatlan, Largemouth Bass fishing in Sinaloa lakes is freshwater fishing known around the world.

Largemouth Bass in Lake El Salto, Sinaloa Sophisticated water management has led to Sinaloa's freshwater lakes and freshwater fisheries becoming the finest Bass habitat in the world.

One of the crown jewels of these efforts is Lake El Salto, a scenic watershed and Bass fishing paradise located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains formed by the damming of the Elota River in 1986.

Lake El Salto is the oldest of the bass fishing lakes in Sinaloa, and is now considered the Mecca for Largemouth Bass anglers.

Covering over 25,000 acres during the rainy season, Lake El Salto is about 20 miles from the coast and approximately 550 feet above sea level. The water of Lake El Salto is crystal clear and the lake has a maximum depth of about 140 feet.

Lake El Salto Satellite PhotoEl Salto Lake was originally stocked with Largemouth Florida Bass.

Lake El Salto water temperature averages over 80 degrees Fahrenheit, just the perfect temperature for growing really big Bass.

Because of the consistently warm water, wealth of nutrients and plentiful shad and untilapia to feed on, Lake El Salto produces the very big and very agressive Bass that make El Salto bass fishing so exciting.

Lake El Salto has thousands of Bass that are easily caught all year-round on a variety of lures, including crankbaits, spinners, and worms.

While the Lake El Salto Largemouth Bass record is an amazing 18 pound Bass caught in 2002, Lake El Salto bass fishing catches ranging from 8 to 14 pounds are simply common Fisherman's Luck when Lake El Salto bass fishing!

Western Outdoors Magazine gave Lake El Salto the honorary title of "Mexico's Bass Mecca"; Bassmaster Magazine's editorial staff called Lake El Salto, "the absolute best trophy lake in the world."; and an ESPN Outdoors article raved about Lake El Salto bass fishing saying, "There's never been a lake like this in the history of Bass fishing, double-digit Bass have become commonplace."

Lake El Salto map from Google Maps

Lake Comedero Catch Largemouth Bass at Lake Comedero, Sinaloa!

Many fishermen believe that Lake Comedero is the best trophy Bass lake in Sinaloa -- and perhaps the world.

Located about an hours drive from Cosala and very close to the border with Durango State, Lake Comedero -- formally Presa Presidente Jose' Lopez Portillo Dam -- is nestled in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

This spectacular mountain lake is packed with agressive Bass which will strike almost any type of lure at any month of the year, providing anglers great bass sport fishing year-round.

The Comedero Bass Club began stocking Florida strain bass in the lake nearly 20 years ago, and the catch-and-release policies at Lake Comedero have allowed these magnificent fish to grow to remarkable size: the lake record is an astounding 19+ pounder and 8 to 12 pound catches are simply common.

Lake Mateos Catch Largemouth Bass at Lake Mateos, Sinaloa!

Lake Mateos -- formally Presa Adolfo Lopez Mateos -- is one of Sinaloa's best bass fishing lakes.

Located little more than two hours north of El Salto Lake, Mateos is roughly 50 miles long, with a surface area of over 55,000 acres and a depth of over 160 feet at the dam and depths of over 230 feet within the resevoir -- making it the 9th largest freshwater lake in Mexico.

Fed by the San Lorenzo and Tamazula rivers, Mateos has provided anglers exciting fishing trips since the early 1990s.

Catch-and-release is strongly encouraged at Lake Mateos, which has created a sustainable population of very big fish, and 100-fish days are not unusual.

The environment at Lake Mateos is substantially different from El Salto and the other major bass lakes in Sinaloa.

As opposed to the partially submerged trees found at El Salto, anglers at Mateos hunt near the brush and trees along the shoreline, which provides great bass sport fishing using everything from top water baits to plastic worms.

Lake Picachos Catch Largemouth Bass at Lake Picachos, Sinaloa!

Lake Picachos is the newest of Sinaloa's best bass lakes. One of the most exciting sport fishing destinations in Sinaloa, it is actually the bass lake closest to Mazatlan!

Formed by the massive Picachos Dam which was constructed from 2006 to 2009 on the Presidio River, this 14,000 acre lake spans the border between Concordia and Mazatlan municipalities (municipios), and holds slightly over 300 million cubic meters of water before the excess water is directed into the Presidio River which flows south through the town of El Rosario.

Upon its dedication in 2009, Lake Picachos was immediately stocked with Bass and Tilapia, which have thrived in its clear mountain waters beyond anyone's expectations.

The lake has many Florida strain Bass that weigh over ten pounds and literally countless slightly smaller fish.

The shoreline of Lake Picachos is very heavy with cover, and topwater fishing in the morning and afternoons can also be truly amazing.

Mazatlan sportfishing fleets, charters, operators, boats and Sinaloa bass
fishing lodges

Anglers Inn | Aries Fleet | Bass El Salto | Escualo Fleet Sport Fishing

Flota Bibi Fleet | Flota Sabalo | Inside Outside Charters | Neptune Fleet

Pepe's Fleet | Pro Team Sport Fishing | Ron Speed Jr's Adventures

Vikings Fleet Sportfishing

Anglers Inn Recommended Lake El Salto Sinaloa Mexico Bass fishing
Mazatlan Bass fishing trips / Lake El Salto - Lake Mateos Bass fishing information

Crown jewels of the fishing and adventure travel enterprises of legendary Bass fisherman Billy Chapman Jr., the Anglers Inns located at Lake El Salto and Lake Mateos exemplify the best in exotic luxury fishing!

With both crystal clear freshwater lakes set in the spectacular and unspoiled Sierra Madre foothills, the locations of both Anglers Inns is simply breathtaking.

Video of the Billy Chapman Jr. Anglers Inn and Lake El Salto Bass Fishing

Today the cuisine, accommodations and service provided by the Anglers Inn fishing resorts have captured headlines and rave notices from fishermen in countless publications ranging from the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times to the Robb Report, Bassmaster Magazine and Outdoor Life.

If you watch television shows about sport fishing you've undoubtedly viewed shows that have featured one or another of Chapman's operations -- every major television fishing show including shows from Japan have reported on the El Salto and Lake Mateos Anglers Inn fishing lodges at one time or another.

Video about Lake El Salto Bass Fishing hosted by Dennis Braid

The Chapman sporting activities are not limited to Bass fishing, and include both ocean billfish fishing, light tackle saltwater fishing, and hunting among their Mexican adventure tours. Combined Billfish and Bass fishing adventures are also offered.

Substantial additional information about recommended Anglers Inn Bass and saltwater fishing excursions and Sinaloa Mexico hunting expeditions can be found at their website,

Telephone 669 980 7474

Toll-free telephone in the USA and Canada 866 GOTTA FISH / 800 468 2347

Aries Fleet Recommended Mazatlan ocean sportfishing fleets
Best recommended Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico sport fishing trip charters and information

The Aries Fleet in Mazatlan is one of the oldest sport fishing fleets, and one of the finest. Located at Marina El Cid within the El Cid Resort, Aires Fleet Mazatlan sportfishing charters are the height of luxury. Stay in the luxurious El Cid Resorts, just a short boat ride from some of the best fishing in the world. Aries Fleet Mazatlan fishing charters are full-service: they handle all the details. On Aires Fleet charters you just cast your line and catch the big billfish of your dreams!

Video of Aires Fleet billfish ocean sportfishing in Mazatlan Mexico

Aries Fleet ocean sportfishing packages include deluxe accommodations at one of the El Cid resorts; airport transfers; a welcome cocktail; and two Aries Fleet charters with crew, insurance, bait and ice, and soft drinks.

Each of the Aires Fleet cruisers is equipped with VHF ship-to-shore radio, outriggers, swim-step, live bait well, fighting chair(s) all fishing tackle and sparking clean bathrooms. Most have Bimini shade covers. Their Super Pangas are powered by 150 H.P. outboards, shade cover, VHF radio and light tackle.

Additional information about recommended Aries Fleet Mazatlan sportfishing charters can be found at the El Cid website,

Telephone 669 981 3650

El Cid Marina

Bass El Salto Recommended Lake El Salto Sinaloa Mexico Bass fishing
Recommended Mazatlan Bass fishing excursions / Lake El Salto Bass fishing information

Bass El Salto provides awesome Lake El Salto bass fishing action at famous Lake El Salto. Bass El Salto offers Lake El Salto bass fishing packages that include staying at the Bass El Salto lodge for 3,4,5 or more days of bass fishing, as well as day trip Lake El Salto bass fishing excursions for those staying in city hotels. Owned by noted Bass fisherman Hono Elizalde, Bass El Salto is committed to providing superior El Salto bass fishing experiences for novice as well as experienced fishermen (and women!).

Additional information about recommended Lake El Salto Bass fishing and Bass El Salto Bass fishing excursions can be found at their website,

Telephone 669 952 1442

Toll-free telephone in the USA and Canada 866 245 1490

San Matias 3665 / Esq. San Ignacio / Fraccionamiento Real Del Valle

Escualo Fleet Sport Fishing Recommended ocean sportfishing charters
Best recommended Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico sport fishing trip charters and information

Escualo Fleet Sport Fishing has been operating in Mazatlan since 1990, and has a great reputation and large loyal following.

Escualo Fleet Sport Fishing in Mazatlan provides reasonably priced, professional, deep sea ocean fishing charters. Escualo Fleet Sport Fishing fleet is located at the new Marina in Nuevo Mazatlan, and all of their trips originate from there.

Escualo Fleet offers both 26' Super Pangas and 34' and 36' cruisers. All of their boats are fully equipped with VHF radios, GPS, Fish Finders, Live Wells, Bimini Tops, and other amenities. They advertise that their boats meet or exceed United States Coast Guard standards. All boats include passenger insurance; cooler with ice for drinks and meals; fighting belts and chairs; bait and all fishing gear required.

Escualo Fleet actively promotes the conservation of billfish, and is the official fleet for Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel; Pueblo Bonito; Emerald Bay; Torres Mazatlan; Mayan Sea Garden and the Inn at Mazatlan.

Additional information about recommended Escualo Fleet Sport Fishing charters can be found at their website,

Telephone 669 913 0303

Toll-free telephone in the USA and Canada 888 800 9619

New Marina Mazatlan / Pier 10

Flota Bibi Fleet Recommended Mazatlan ocean sportfishing fleets
Best recommended Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico deep sea sport fishing trip charters and information

Flota Bibi FleetFounded in 1946, Bibi Fleet is one of the longest-established Mazatlan fishing fleets.

From its inception, Flota Bibi in Mazatlan has been dedicated to providing ocean sportfishing trips that exceeded the highest expectations of veteran fishermen.

Bibi Fleet sportfishing charter captains and crews are experienced and skillful.

Their fishing charter catch records, per boat and day in recent years have averaged 2.5 Billfish, Mahi-Mahi and Tuna (Shark and other species not included).

Of that, 1.3 are Billfish, so your chances of catching that spectacular Billfish fishing on Flota Bibi Mazatlan charters are some of the best anywhere in the world.

Video about Flota Bibi in Mazatlan, Fly Fishing Trip

Bibi Fleet is committed to customer-satisfaction, and has made countless Mazatlan sportfishing charters fun, exciting, and successful.

One of our most recommended Mazatlan ocean sportfishing fleets, additional information about Flota Bibi sportfishing charters can be found at their website,

Telephone 669 913 1060

Marina Puesta del Sol - Shop 8 / Marina Mazatlan

Flota Sabalo Fleet Recommended Mazatlan ocean sportfishing fleets
Best recommended Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico sport fishing trip charters and information

Flota Sabalo in Mazatlan is one of the older and most experienced sportfishing fleets. Owners Lorenzo and Manuel Valdez take great pride in their operation, and have a loyal following of repeat fisherman clients who have caught big billfish on their charters!

Telephone 669 981 2761

Camarón Sábalo

Neptune Fleet Recommended Mazatlan ocean sportfishing charter fleets
Best recommended Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico deep sea sport fishing trip charters and information

The Neptune Fleet in Mazatlan is home of the Linny Boat, the Mazatlan fishing fleet one day catch record holder! The Neptune Fleet offers special ocean sportfishing charter rates for Marlin and Sailfish. The Neptune Fleet Mazatlan fishing fleet consists of 38', 40' and 42' deisel powered cruisers with experienced captains, radio telephones, 3 fishing chairs, and modern equipment.

Additional information about recommended Neptune Fleet sportfishing charters can be found at their website,

Telephone 669 982 4565

Pepe's Fleet Recommended Mazatlan deep sea sportfishing fleets
Best recommended Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico sport fishing trip charters and information

Not the fanciest of our fishing fleets, Pepe's Fleet in Mazatlan has a loyal following of happy fishermen who swear that Pepe's always take them to where the big fish are! Family owned, Pepe's is a reliable and economical ocean fishing charter operator that operates from Marina Mazatlan.

Telephone 669 139 8828

Avenida Camarón Sábalo across from the Pueblo Bonito Hotel

Pro Team Sport Fishing Fleet Recommended Mazatlan deep sea fleet
Best recommended Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico sport fishing trips and information

Whether you need a single day of spectacular offshore fishing in Mazatlan or a complete Mazatlan fishing vacation package, Sport Fishing with Pro Team Sport Fishing promises deliver Mazatlan sportfishing charters that exceed your expectations.

For those interested in complete charter packages, Pro Team Sport Fishing provides everything including airport reception, ground transportation, fishing charters and some of the finest lodging to be found in The Pearl of The Pacific. Pro Team Sport Fishing handles all the arrangements, permits and reservations. Or, if you plan to visit during your cruise ship port of call, Pro Team Sport Fishing is experienced in setting up exciting Mazatlan sportfishing charters that mesh with cruise ship schedules.

One of the most consumately professional of the Mazatlan fleets, Pro Team Sport Fishing proudly provides deep sea ocean fishing excursions on clean and well-maintained twin diesel boats with professional gear. When you hook up with that once in a lifetime trophy fish on Pro Team Sport Fishing charters, they want to assure you of the best possible opportunity to get the fish on to the boat!

The professionalism of Pro Team Sport Fishing Mazatlan's crews, boats and equipment speaks for itself through tournament results. In 2004, the prestigious World Billfish Series Championship was held in Mazatlan Mexico. The Pro Team Sport Fishing boat took first place. In the Mazatlan Billfish Tournaments over the last seven years, Pro Team Sport Fishing charters have shown consistent wins, with two first place titles, one second place, two third places, and one fourth place. Pro Team Sport Fishing crews make up a truly Professional Team with the skills and motivation to catch big fish!

Pro Team Sport Fishing in Mazatlan remains the only one of the Mazatlan sportfishing fleets committed to a total catch and release policy for billfish.

Additional information about recommended Pro Team Sport Fishing ocean sportfishing charters can be found at their website,

Telephone 669 913 2606

Telephone in the United States and Canada 704 637 1996

Avenida Camarón Sábalo 1504 / Sabalo Country Club / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Ron Speed Jr's Adventures Recommended Sinaloa Bass Fishing
Sinaloa Bass fishing trips to Lake El Salto, Lake Picachos and Lake Comedero from Mazatlan

Ron Speed is one of the best known international fishing guides and outfitters in the world, having appeared in over 150 television shows featuring his dream bass fishing trips to remote locations.

Ron has been outfitting fishermen in Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Brazil and Venezuela for 40 years.

Ron Speed's Adventures specializes in fishing the very best remote lakes, rivers, and lagoons in North and South America. His operations at Sinaloa's Bass lakes -- particularly Lake El Salto, Lake Picachos and Lake Comedero -- are legendary for the quality and quantity of Bass that his clients catch.

Anglers who go on a Ron Speed's Adventures fishing trip are definitely going with the best in the business!

USA / Canada Toll Free 800 722 0006 (9am to 5pm CST, Monday - Friday)

Vikings Fleet Sportfishing Fleet Recommended deep sea ocean sportfishing fleets
Best recommended Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico sport fishing trip charters and information

The Vikings Fleet Sportfishing fishing fleet conducts Mazatlan ocean fishing charters from their newest boat, a Uniflite 36 with twin diesels, and their Bertram's which are rated as one of the top finest fishing boats in the world and are powered by twin Volvo Penta diesels for speed and reliability.

Vikings Fleet Sportfishing in Mazatlan also has in its fleet the largest and fastest Super Panga's that you will find anywhere in Mexico. All Vikings Fleet Sportfishing boats are very well maintained and have highly experienced captains and crew. When you book fishing charters with Vikings Fleet Sport Fishing, you are not only sure that you are getting what you pay for (great boats, captains, crew, and gear), but you will be receiving great service!

For sport fishermen arriving on cruise ships who would like to go sportfishing in Mazatlan for the day, Vikings Fleet Sportfishing offers great trips for either deep sea or light tackle fishing tailored to fit Mazatlan cruise ship passengers' schedule.

Light Tackle fishing trips typically catch Snapper, Trigger Fish, Perch, Mojara, Grouper, Corvina and many, many other varieties of small game fish.

Additional information about recommended Vikings Fleet ocean fishing charters can be found at their website,

Cellular Telephone 669 129 4054

Dr. Carlos Canseco 6044 / Marina Mazatlan

Sportfishing Overview | Sinaloa Bass Fishing Lakes | Charters & Lodges

Anglers Inn | Aries Fleet | Bass El Salto | Escualo Fleet Sport Fishing

Flota Bibi Fleet | Flota Sabalo | Neptune Fleet | Pepe's Fleet

Pro Team Sport Fishing | Ron Speed Jr's Adventures

Vikings Fleet Sportfishing

Sportfishing fleets and charters in Mazatlan, Mexico: A 2024 guide to information about the best recommended deep-sea ocean billfish and freshwater bass fishing in Sinaloa's lakes


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