Updated 2023 guide to top rated health clubs, gyms, tennis clubs, zip lines, skateboards and skate parks, batting cages, paintball, bowling alleys, hiking and
recommended health, fitness and holistic wellness activities like yoga studios with beginner and advanced classes for adults and children in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

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Updated May 9, 2024

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Huanacoa zip lines, Mazatlan, Sinaloa

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Veraneando Adventure zip line tours Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico

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Health clubs, gyms, exercise
Sports, fitness, exercise, tennis, yoga and wellness in Mazatlán

Health Clubs and Gyms | Tennis Clubs | Zip Lines and Hiking

Batting Cages | Paintball Fields and Venues | Bowling Alleys

Just for Skateboard Freaks | Yoga Studios and Classes

Malecon Mazatlan Mexico daytime with people exercisingMazatlan is a Mexican beach town with a lovely climate year-round that encourages outdoor activities, excercise and healthy physical fitness, as well as meditative activities like yoga!

Health and tennis clubs, yoga instruction and invigorating outdoor exercise like roller blading and skateboarding are simply a part of the day for Mazatlecos of all ages, and an integral part of their Mazatlan lifestyle.

Health clubs and gyms

Curves | Sky Gym Training Center

Mazatlan has a number of top rated sports facilities and health clubs. Both Sky Gym Training Center and Curves can be used by non-fulltime members by paying on a daily basis, or by purchasing limited-time memberships.

Mazatlan Health Club and Women's Fitness Facility

Telephone 669 112 0514

Rafael Buelna 103


The first Curves opened in Harlingen, Texas in 1992. The club was an overnight success, and Curves has become the world leader in health clubs exclusively for women that are designed to give women a private, supportive and comfortable atmosphere in which to work out -- the company's unofficial motto is "no makeup, no men, and no mirrors."

Curves in Mazatlan has successfully brought this health club ethos to our city, and provides one of the best stress-free places to exercise for a broad cross-section of women in our community.

Information about recommended Mazatlan Health Clubs for Women

Sky Gym Training Center
The best Mazatlan Health Club, Gym, Sports and Fitness Facility

Telephone 669 983 6410

La Gran Plaza Mall


The popular Sky Gym Training Center in Mazatlan sets the standard for health clubs in Mazatlan.

This enormous -- over 30,000 square feet! -- immaculately clean gym offers a tremendous range of fitness facilities including (beyond every exercise machine under the sun) batting cages, squash courts and an indoor soccer field!

The main gym alone contains a staggering amount of fitness equipment including dozens of stationary bikes, stair masters, over a dozen treadmills, countless elliptical cross-training machines.

Yoga (Hata, Ashtanga, Kundalini), Pilates, jazz and other fitness classes are offered and 20 instructors -- all certified in the Body Systems method -- are available for individual and group instruction and personal training and coaching.

This full-service health and fitness oasis also has a healthy-eating cafeteria and offers spa services.

The Mazatlan Sky Gym is conveniently located at La Gran Plaza Mall and is open Monday to Friday from 6am to 11pm, Saturday from 6am to 9pm, and Sunday from 9pm to 3pm.

Sky Gym Training Center offers everything from day-passes to annual memberships.

Information about recommended Mazatlan Health Clubs and Gyms

Tennis clubs

El Cid Tennis Club | Racquet Club Gaviotas Mazatlan

Mazatlan has a number of top rated tennis clubs. Both the El Cid Tennis Club and Racquet Club Gaviotas Mazatlan can be used by non-fulltime members by paying on a daily basis, or by purchasing limited-time memberships.

El Cid Tennis Club
Mazatlan Tennis Club with clay and Laykold hard courts

Telephone 669 193 7590

Avenida Camarón Sábalo / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada


The El Cid Tennis Club In Mazatlan is surrounded by lush gardens and palm trees, making it one of the most beautiful tennis clubs in Mazatlan.

This popular tennis club offers nine lighted clay and Laykold tennis courts that provide a perfect setting for leisurely hitting or spirited competition.

The El Cid Tennis Club also offers ball machines, video analysis, rental rackets and outstanding USPTR tennis pros are available for lessons or matches.

Video if the ITF Women's Tournament at El Cid Tennis Club in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Information about recommended Mazatlan Tennis Clubs and Instruction

Racquet Club Gaviotas Mazatlán
Recommended Mazatlan Tennis Club with hard and clay courts

Telephone 669 913 5939

Avenida Ibis / Las Gaviotas / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Racquet Club Gaviotas Mazatlan is one of the best traditional tennis clubs in Mazatlan. The club has 3 clay courts and 3 hard courts which are open from 7am to 7pm. Tennis lessons are available. Located in the Golden Zone - Zona Dorada, court time at this private tennis club is modestly priced.

Information about recommended Mazatlan Tennis Clubs

Zip Lines and hiking

Huana Coa Canopy Adventure | Veraneando Adventure

Mazatlan zip line at HuanacoaZip lines are always exciting, and Mazatlan zip lines even more so because of the incredible terrain they are located in.

The foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains just outside Mazatlan have proven to have just about the ideal topography for zip line transits that are sure to give you an adrenaline rush!

Both of our recommended zip line operators maintain state-of-the-art hardware, adhere to strict safety protocols, and employ highly experienced zip line instructors and support staff. Both Huana Coa Canopy Adventure and Veraneando Adventure also both offer other great outdoor exercise and eco-tourism tours and excursions, including river rafting and kayaking, hikes, nature walks, horseback rides and ATV tours.

Huana Coa Canopy Adventure Mazatlan zip lines
Information about the best zip lines, horseback riding and ATV tours

Telephone 669 990 1100

Avenida del Mar 1111 / In the Hotel Don Pelayo


Huana Coa Canopy Adventure MazatlanThe extreme zip line canopy tours, horseback riding and ATV excursions offered by Huana Coa Canopy Adventure will, simply, blow your mind!

The Huana Coa Canopy Adventure eco-park is located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains near La Noria -- home of the La Vinata Los Osuna tequila distillery -- and just 45 minutes from Mazatlan.

Huana Coa Canopy Adventure has multiple zip line platforms mounted in trees on the hills of Sinaloa's tropical jungle. The adventure begins and ends at a 130 year old farm, and to reach the first part of the zip line canopy adventure you are transported in a Pinzgau, a state-of-the-art Swiss all-terrain vehicle capable of scaling terrian with an inclination of up to 50 degrees!

Huana Coa offers more than zip lines -- they also specialize in horseback riding and ATV excursions. Huana Coa Canopy Adventure's highly trained and experienced personnel help participants enjoy the multiple zip lines, rides and ATV trips -- and the full joy of adventure sports and eco-tourism.

Huana Coa Canopy Adventure operates with the highest standards of quality and safety, and is dedicated to providing guests the most exciting zip line rides and a full experience of adventure sports and ecotourism.

Huana Coa accepts virtually every type of credit card, as well as PayPal.

Video of Huana Coa Canopy Adventure zip line ride

Veraneando Adventure Mazatlan zip line rides, river kayaking and rural hiking
Information about recommended zip line adventure excursions and outdoor sports

Telephone 669 988 1414

Office in Mr. Lionso Restaurant, Play Bruja, Cerritos


Veraneando Adventure MazatlanVeraneando Adventure extreme zip line canopy tours are simply -- a rush!

Located just 35 miles southeast of Mazatlan, the popular zip lines at Veraneando Adventure are extensive and exciting -- guests choose from twelve zip lines with heights of over 300 feet and traverse distances of over 700 feet. Veraneando Adventure offers zip line tours daily.

Veraneando Adventure also offers river rides -- one of the best ways to get a workout and see nature at the same time! These river excursions start at Picachos Dam, and on these specialized tours experienced guides take you down over 7 miles of the river and you get to experience the jungle and wildlife of Sinaloa close-up. Choose your vehicle: raft, kayak or inflatable ring!

Veraneando Adventure accepts major credit cards on their website through paypal. All tours start at the Restaurant Mr. Lionso at Playa Bruja in Cerritos and include food and beverages.

Video of zip line and river tours from Mazatlan

Batting Cages

Pacific Food Truck Park & Golf | Wild Pitch

Mazatlan batting cageAs the home to a multiple Pacific League and Carribean championship baseball team -- the Venados de Mazatlan -- Mazatlan is definitely a baseball town, and we've got a couple of top rated establishments with batting cages for those of us who want to take a swing at a hardball once in a while to prove it!

Both Wild Pitch and Pacific Food Truck Park & Golf offer batting cages with excellent quality equipment, and Pacific Food Truck Park & Golf has the added attraction of being a driving range with a bar - restaurant right on the premises.

Pacific Food Truck Park & Golf
Information about popular batting cages in Mazatlan

Telephone 669 913 5092

Avenida La Marina 5091 / just east of El Cid / Nuevo Mazatlan

Located on Avenida de la Marina in Nuevo Mazatlan, Pacific Food Truck Park & Golf has batting cages that are a lot of fun for the entire family!

Pacific Food Truck Park & Golf is, of course, a full-service driving range, but they also offer batting cages for those who want to swing a different type of club, as well as a popular restaurant, Mulligan's Sports Bar.

Open every day from 9am - 10pm, Pacific Food Truck Park & Golf has secure parking and lots of beer and munchies for batters and golfers!

Wild Pitch
Information about the best batting cages in Mazatlan

Telephone 669 199 3233

Avenida del Mar

Located on Avenida del Mar between Las Gavias and the Olas Altas Inn, the Wild Pitch batting cages have been a tradition in Mazatlan for over twenty years!

Wild Pitch has machines capable of hurling baseballs at up to 80 mph -- if your reflexes are up to it...

Open every day from 10am - 10pm, Wild Pitch provides batting helmets, gloves, offers sixteen different size bats and has secure parking.

Paintball fields and venues

Gotcha Las Espuelas Ecopark Mazatlan | Master Gotcha

Mazatlan paintball venueWhether you're an experienced paintball player or just want to try it for the first time, Mazatlan has you covered!

Gotcha Las Espuelas Ecopark Mazatlan and Master Gotcha ("Gotcha" is what paintball is called in Spanish) offer very different playing environments.

Espuelas Ecopark Mazatlan offers paintball in a rural setting.

Master Gotcha provides a gritty urban environment that will thrill the counterinsurgency warrior in you!

Both use top rated paintball equipment, employ highly experienced staff and place the safety of their clients first.

Gotcha Las Espuelas Ecopark Mazatlán
Information about recommended Mazatlan paintball (gotcha)

Telephone 669 124 3434

Founded in 2006, the Gotcha Las Espuelas paintball fields offer exciting games in a spacious rural setting with lots of obstacles to provide cover -- and get your adrenaline going!

Gotcha Las Espuelas is equipped to handle large groups and private events.

Gotcha Las Espuelas is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 7pm and reservations are suggested.

Video shot at Gotcha Las Espuelas

Master Gotcha
Information about popular Mazatlan paintball (gotcha) venues

Telephone 669 929 3997

Avenida Camaron Sabalo / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Opened 2010, Master Gotcha is located in the Mazatlan Golden Zone - Zona Dorada, right behind Casa Country.

This exciting paintball venue is sure to get your adrenaline going as you shoot it out in their gritty urban paintball field.

Master Gotcha paintball has all the necessary equipment for you to enjoy your paintball whether or not you brought gear to Mazatlan.

Master Gotcha has affordable prices and special discount paintball packages for groups and families.

Master Gotcha is open Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 7pm, reservations suggested.

Video of Master Gotcha Paintball in Mazatlán

Bowling Alleys

Mazatlan skateboard jumpAlboa Bowling Plaza Galerias

¡Recórcholis! La Gran Plaza Mall

Feel a Big Lebowski moment coming on? Need to roll a few frames?

Mazatlan has two recommended bowling alleys that can sooth your Dude Fever and provide you with a wonderful bowling experience!

Alboa Bowling
Plaza Galerias

Top rated Mazatlan bowling alley

Telephone 669 988 0005

Plaza Galerias


Alboa Bowling Plaza Galerias Mazatlan is the more serious of our two bowling alleys, and is widely considered the best place to bowl in Mazatlan if you're serious about bowling -- or if you just want to get away from the noise of the children at ¡Recórcholis! (see below).

Just minutes outside the Golden Zone within Plaza Galerias, this bowling alley has all the amenities you would expect from an adult bowling facility including food and the ever-important beverages.

Video from Azteca TV of Alboa Bowling at Plaza Galerias in Mazatlán

Bowling balls and shoes can be rented, lane rates (a lane can be used by up to 6 bowlers) vary by day and time-of-day.

If you want to take a break from bowling, Alboa has foosball and pool tables.

Alboa Bowling opens every day at 1pm and stays open until 11pm Monday through Thursday; 2am on Friday and Saturday nights; and closes at 9pm on Sunday nights.

La Gran Plaza Mall

Recommended Mazatlan bowling alley, especially for children...

Telephone 669 983 2127

La Gran Plaza Mall / Avenida Apolo at Reforma / Colonia Alameda


¡Recórcholis! in Mazatlan is part of a chain of entertainment centers with nearly 20 locations throughout Mexico.

¡Recórcholis! in La Gran Plaza Mall isn't strictly a bowling alley, it's a large full-service entertainment center with traditional arcade games, video games, a jungle gym and even an ice skating rink.

If this sounds like the Kid's Zone, it is: ¡Recórcholis! is one of the most popular places in Mazatlan for families with small (or not so small) children.

There are six bowling lanes at ¡Recórcholis! and it can be less expensive to rent a lane at ¡Recórcholis! than at Alboa but be advised: the adjacent lane may well be populated by screaming 7 year olds and the entire venue is quite loud.

Per the child-friendly model, ¡Recórcholis! serves kids food and ice cream...

¡Recórcholis! opens every day at 11am, closing Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 9pm, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10pm.

Skateboarding, skate parks and shops

Mazatlan skateboard jumpMazatlan has a very active skateboard scene with locals, tourists and seasonal visitors all enjoying skateboarding in Mazatlan.

The Malecon is, of course, a popular place to skate board, and the city has constructed two skate board parks: one right on the Malecon at Playa Norte, the other near our largest city park, Bosque de la Ciudad.

Porrowy Skate Shop
Recommended Mazatlan Skate Board Shop

Telephone 669 146 8258

Calle Islote 101

If you need gear, Porrowy is there to help! Porrowy Skate Shop in Mazatlan is a full-service skateboard store with gear and accesories suitable for everyone -- from beginners to experienced skateboarders.

But enough of this talk about skateboarding in Mazatlan -- watch the video and feel the groove...

Video of the skate park at Kilometer 0 in Mazatlán!

Yoga Studios and Classes

Namaste yoga in MazatlanMukande Holistic Center

Namaste Kids | Villa Margarita

Yoga en el Dorado

Want to practice or learn yoga in Mazatlan? There are a number of options for yoga instruction, from classes designed for beginners and children to advanced instruction for experienced practitioners.

Mukande Holistic Center
Mazatlan Yoga Studio and Instruction

Telephone 669 668 9125

Dr. Rafael Dominquez 305 / Corner of Rio Presidio Colonia Palos Prietos

The Mukande Holistic Center in Mazatlan is a well-established and popular yoga school offering all levels of yoga classes.

Information about recommended Mazatlan Yoga Instruction for adults

Namaste Kids
Mazatlan Children's Yoga Studio

Telephone 669 985 2424

Sierra Quebrada 132 / Lomas de Mazatlan


Namaste Kids - Yoga & Diversion Para Ninos in Mazatlan is devoted to teaching yoga to young children. This top rated yoga studio also teaches improved nutrition and other holistic wellness tools.

Namaste Kids offers children's yoga classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

For children 4-7 years old: 4pm-5pm

For children 8-13 years old: 5pm-6pm

Information about recommended Mazatlan Yoga Instruction for Children

Villa Margarita
Beginner through Advanced Yoga Studio and Instruction

Telephone 669 123 9023

5 de Mayo 109 / Centro Historico

The Villa Margarita Yoga Studio is a part of the Indigo Villa Margarita B&B, a spectacular boutique B&B housed within in a beautiful 1800s historic house in the Centro Historico.

Robertha Lopez offers both beginner and advanced yoga classes -- as well as spa and massage services!

Information about recommended Mazatlan Yoga Instruction and Spa in Centro

Yoga en el Dorado
Mazatlan Yoga - Pilates Studio and Instruction

Telephone 669 193 7590

Rio Guadalquivir 15 / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Yoga en el Dorado is a spectacular women-only Mazatlan yoga studio that offers some of the best beginner through advanced yoga classes, pilates, retreats, workshops and meditation in Mazatlan.

Following the intent of founder Dayanna Patricia Gonzalez, Yoga en el Dorado is run by women for women, and seeks to be "a sanctuary where women can recuperate their power to cultivate the beauty and harmony inside themselves, their family and their environment."

Yoga En El Dorado Yoga en el Dorado pampers the spirit and is open from 6am - 8:30am every day except Sunday. Fluent English spoken.

Information about recommended Mazatlan Woman-only Yoga - Pilates Studio in the Golden Zone

Video of Kiriana yoga in Mazatlán!

Health Clubs and Gyms | Tennis Clubs | Zip Lines and Hiking

Batting Cages | Paintball Fields and Venues | Bowling Alleys

Just for Skateboard Freaks | Yoga Studios and Classes

A 2024 Guide to recommended health clubs, tennis clubs, gyms, zip lines, batting cages, skateboarding, paintball (gotcha), bowling alleys, yoga instruction, studios and classes in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico


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