The 12 Best Restaurants for Vegetarians in Mazatlan: Finding top rated vegetarian meals at 12 popular Mazatlan restaurants skilled at
properly preparing delicious vegetarian dishes, and grocery shopping tips and recommendations for vegetarians who want to cook at home!

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Zab Thai restaurant Mazatlan

326 recommended restaurants in Mazatlan

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 Mazatlan Mexico vegetarian restaurants and dining / Click for Restaurant Guide homepage
Vegetarian dining in Mazatlán
12 Recommended restaurants for vegetarians in Mazatlan

Vegetarian shopping basketHistorically, it has not been entirely easy to be a vegetarian anywhere in Mexico, and Mazatlan is no exception to this generalization.

Obviously, if you are a Pescetarian you're home free: you've got some of the best seafood on the planet -- bien provecho!

If, however, you keep to stricter vegetarian practice, things are a bit more challenging because meat -- and meat-derived ingredients like pork or beef-based lard -- are used in most traditional Mexican meals and foods.

Cuisine in Mexico -- and in Mazatlan -- is evolving rapidly, and there is lots of good news for vegetarians in Mazatlan.

Without presuming to get into the complicated details of the many eating practices that fall under the general term "vegetarianism", many popular Mexican foods and meals can, at least in theory, be prepared without meat.

Some simple examples of traditional Mexican foods that can be vegetarian dining choices in Mazatlan -- whether at street food carts or in restaurants -- are burritos (bean); quesadillas (cheese); papas locas (without the meat part of the filling); and torta sandwiches (again, without the meat part of the filling).

Mazatlan street food can actually be used to assemble healthy, filling and inexpensive meals that meet most vegetarians' standards. Check out our street food page and imagine yourself eating vegetarian burritos, gorditas, quesadillas, papas locas, tortas and tamales!

Fruit stands and juice carts offer a beautiful variety of completely meat-free frutarian dining options -- and pretty much any flavor of vegetarian can allow themselves to have a slammin' Mazatlan Churro for dessert!

Juice Bars serve upscale versions of the fresh juices available from street carts and one, Pura Vida, has a number of more substantial vegetarian dining options.

Vegetarian pizza cravings can be easily and rapidly satisfied in Mazatlan! Beyond the obvious often familiar pizza franchise choices, sophisticated gourmet pizzerias like La Mona Pizzeria Cantina (located in the Centro Historico and at Marina Mazatlan, with very frequently recommended salads) know how to deliver powerful vegetarian pizza flavor!

Sushi bars are very common throughout Mazatlan, and are often good places for vegetarians to dine. Mexican sushi is different from what you are used to from home -- for some inexplicable reason cream cheese is a common ingredient in Mexican sushi -- but if you ask for vegetarian / no-cream-cheese versions of the rolls you're likely to be happy with your meal.

Are there vegetarian restaurants
in Mazatlán?

Mazatlan vegetarian restaurant informationMazatlan does not have purely vegetarian restaurants like American and Canadian vegetarians are used to in urban centers.

That said, many Mazatlan restaurants offer vegetarian dishes, and the awareness of vegetarian dining and food preparation is substantial, so most of our better restaurants are able to prepare delicious vegetarian variations on many of their signature recipes.

These 12 top rated restaurants serve delicious vegetarian dishes and are sensitive to vegetarian food preparation of their regular menu items.

Angelina's Kitchen (Centro Historico) LEARN MORE

The creation of Chef Angelina Escutia -- a graduate of the Culinary Institute de Monterrey -- the restaurant is dedicated to serving Latin American cuisine complemented by Italian, Spanish and Mediterranean influences, and offers vegetarian dishes and vegetarian-prepared menu items. LEARN MORE

Baja Style (Golden Zone / Zona Dorada) LEARN MORE

Baja Style in Mazatlan serves up delicious Mexican meals that delight and satisfy drawn from a substantial menu that offers everything from tacos, quesadillas and stuffed burritos -- not necessarily easy to find in Mazatlan! -- many of which can be prepared without meat. LEARN MORE

Casa Arabe (Centro Historico) LEARN MORE

Casa Arabe serves Jordanian-style middle eastern meals in the Centro Historico, many of which are vegetarian or can be prepared for vegetarians. LEARN MORE

Casa Canobbio (Plaza Machado / Centro Historico) LEARN MORE

Housed in the historic Canobbio Mansion, this restaurant is authentically -- and elegantly -- Italian in every respect, and offers a menu that largely features gourmet pasta, pizza and sophisticated salads, many of which are either vegetarian or can be prepared as vegetarian meals. LEARN MORE

La Bohemia (Plaza Machado / Centro Historico) LEARN MORE

With Tapas, pizza and delicious salads, how can a vegetarian go wrong at this super-hip Centro Historico bar and gallery? Munch good food, drink fine spirits, listen to great's pretty far from granola. LEARN MORE

Hector's Bistro (Centro Historico) LEARN MORE

Owner-Chef Hector Peniche -- a native of Mazatlan who trained extensively in Europe -- and his English chef-wife Victoria have created a delightful and varied menu at Hector's Bistro (formerly Molika Bakery) that is spectacularly delicious and very vegetarian-friendly! This café has Vegan menu options. LEARN MORE

Muralla China (Golden Zone and Centro) LEARN MORE

Muralla China has locations in both the Golden Zone and Centro and serves primarily Cantonese Chinese food with numerous vegetarian dining possibilities. LEARN MORE

Pura Vida (Golden Zone - Zona Dorada) LEARN MORE

Pura Vida is more than just fruit and juice. Their menu offers a wide variety of nutritious organic foods, including energy bars, muffins, omelets and whole-wheat pancakes for breakfast, sandwiches, salads, soups, Mexican specialties for lunch and a range of vegetarian dishes offered, such as soy burgers. LEARN MORE

Rico's Café (Golden Zone / El Cid / Cerritos) LEARN MORE

Rico's Coffee ShopRico's Cafe offers a wide selection of some of the best breakfast items around including waffles, French toast, crepes and omeletts -- all of which are vegetarian-friendly! -- and some of the best coffee in Mazatlan. Warm, modern and inviting, Ricos's in Mazatlan also provides reliable unlimited WiFi! LEARN MORE

Surf’s Up Cafe (North end of Cerritos) LEARN MORE

Surf's Up Beach Cafe in MazatlanSurf's Up is a small laid back surf-style café that serves healthy -- and mouth-watering -- vegetarian meals with big flavor! The Surf's Up menu is unusual and affordable, and offers daily specials.

Surf's Up Chef / Owner Leann Wright is sensitive to different life styles and specific dietary needs. While Leann stresses that Surf's Up can not guarantee a nut free environment, it offers Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free menu options. LEARN MORE

Water’s Edge Bistro (Centro Historico) LEARN MORE

The Water's Edge RestaurantThe Water's Edge Bistro in Mazatlan is a spectacular fusion restaurant that offers sophisticated dining in an elegant setting right in the heart of the Centro Historico.

Chef Alastair Porteous offers a number of vegetarian menu items including vegetarian Ravioli and Roasted Vegetable Tagliatelle made with hand-made pasta, vegetarian Gyoza, and awesome salads made with locally-grown organic produce. LEARN MORE

Zab Thai (Golden Zone / Zona Dorada) LEARN MORE

Zab Thai Restaurant with vegetarian dishes in MazatlanZab Thai delivers outstanding Thai and Asian Fusion cuisine created by second-generation Thai chef Chef Souk Lothchomphou. Chef Lothchomphou seamlessly blends traditional Thai cooking with Vietnamese, Chinese, and other international influences and offers lots of delicious dining options for vegetarians. LEARN MORE

What if these restaurants aren't strictly vegetarian enough for me?

Vegetables for sale at Mazatlan marketIf none of the above are acceptable, there is a straightforward solution if you have a place to cook: go grocery shopping!

Mazatlan offers many grocery shopping options ranging from small local "Abarrotes" to full-blown supermarkets.

Mazatlan also has a burgeoning organic food scene. During the winter tourist season the delightful Mercado Organico showcases organic Sinaloa produce and more on Saturdays in Plaza Zaragoza, and our community supports three popular organic food shops: Fresh Boutique in the Culinary Market; Mercado Verde on Avenida La Marina and the Naturalia organic bakery in the Centro Historico.

Consider reviewing our listings of places to buy groceries and -- for those not fluent in Spanish -- downloading the .pdf of our list of nearly 200 words that are useful for grocery shopping, virtually all of which don't have anything to do with meat at all!

Vegetarian Eating in Mazatlan - 12 top rated restaurants friendly to vegetarians and tips on what popular Mexican meals can be prepared vegetarian with menu suggestions and recommendations


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