Restaurants in Mazatlan - Reviews of 326 popular restaurants and other top rated dining establishments serving the best recommended Mexican seafood, steaks, ribs, BBQ, sushi, Thai, international
fusion cuisine, vegetarian dining, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, chicken, ice cream, gelato and traditional Sinaloan meals in the Centro Historico, Golden Zone, Nuevo Mazatlan and Rural Sinaloa, Mexico

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Meson de Los Laureanos reastaurant in El Quelite

Alforno Pizza Marina Mazatlan Mexico



Zab Thai restaurant Mazatlan

Roy's seafood restaurant in Mazatlan Mexico

Roadhouse Garage Grill Marina Mazatlan

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326 of the best recommended restaurants in Mazatlan
Mazatlán Restaurant Guide
Info and reviews of 326 of the best places to eat in Mazatlan

Seafood | Mexican Restaurants | Fusion and International Cuisine

Steaks, Ribs, BBQ, Grills | Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Asian-Fusion

Pizza | Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken and Wings | Bars with Delicious Food!

Coffee Shops and Cafés with Great Menus! | Ice Cream, Gelato, Ice Milk

Juice Bars - Fruit Stands | Street Food Carts | Rural Sinaloa Restaurants

Vegetarian Dining and Food Guide

Mazatlan restaurant information, reviews, ratingsThe 326 recommended Mazatlan restaurants and other dining establishments, bars, coffee shops and ice cream parlors listed in the Restaurant Guide reflect our rich and diverse dining scene, and are the best places to eat in Mazatlan and surrounding Rural Sinaloa communities.

Visitors and longer-term residents dining out in Mazatlan enjoy the wide range of styles of food preparation and the diversity of flavors -- and price points!

Our top rated restaurants are organized by cuisine, and are searchable by cuisine.

From spectacular traditional Mexican seafood and remarkable steaks, ribs, BBQ and grills to traditional -- or modern -- Mexican dining; from exotic Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Asian-Fusion restaurants or international cuisine to pizzas and burgers, hot dogs and wings, our best restaurants deliver consistently wonderful food.

Outdoor dining at Plaza Machado in the Centro HistoricoAs with so many things related to art and culture, the Centro Historico is of particular interest to those dining out in Mazatlan, and of particular note are the very popular restaurants located on or near the Plaza Machado in the Centro Historico that offer fine dining in a lovely Colonial setting.

Some of our recommendations about the best places to eat out probably won't be within walking distance of your hotel in Nuevo Mazatlan or the Golden Zone, but visitors and tourists looking for the best restaurants in Mazatlan should be aware that ours is a relatively small city, and that most of the Restaurant Guide recommendations are no more that a 15-20 minute drive from wherever you may be.

So consider using the Restaurant Guide to choose one of the 326 best reviewed restaurants in Mazatlan Mexico, flag the next Pulmonia, and enjoy a different dining experience!

One more tip about dining out in Mazatlan -- especially if you want Mexican cuisine: don't forget our delicious street food! It's mmm-mmm good!

38 top rated Mazatlan Mexico seafood restaurants Seafood Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Information and reviews of 38 of the best seafood restaurants

When you are deciding where to eat out in Mazatlan, there is no better choice than our many top rated seafood restaurants.

Supplied daily by the fresh catch from the Sea of Cortez, these 38 dining establishments serve seafood meals that are as good as you will find anywhere in Mexico!

The best 38 Seafood Restaurants in Mazatlan MexicoAlagua | Barracruda's

Carmelita's on Stone Island

Chili's Pepper | Claussen 101

Dock 7 | El Fish Market

El Guamuchilito | El Molcajete Loco

El Muchacho Alegre | El Shrimp Bucket

F.I.S.H. | Fat Fish | Fresco Cocina del Mar

Gamba Cocina del Mar | Joe's Oyster Bar

Kaimana Seafood | La Corriente

La Costa Marinera | La Mazatleca

La Puntilla | Lety's on Stone Island

Loco Locos | Los Arcos | Mamucas | Mariscos Bahia | Mariscos El Camichin

Mariscos La Corona | Mariscos Tono | Mariscos Torito | Muelle 12

Naufrago's | Ocean Grill | Roy's | Seafarer at Nautica | Shrimp Factory

Todos Santos Mariscos Bar | Tony's On The Beach

54 Mazatlan Mexico Mexican restaurants Mexican Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended
Information and reviews of 54 of the best Mexican restaurants in Mazatlan!

The 54 recommended Mexican restaurants listed below serve outstanding Mexican cuisine, whether you order seafood or entrees featuring beef, pork or poultry

Many Mexican restaurants in Mazatlan are quite traditional and prepare their meals Sinaloa-style, a unique way of cooking Mexican food that is now being considered for cultural heritage certification by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

54 popular Mexican restaurants in Mazatlan Mexico Baja Style | Casa del Mar | Casita Maria

Cenaduria Chayito | Cenaduria La Copita

Cocina de Paulina and Linda Lee

Cilantro's | Copa de Leche

El Aljibe de San Pedro | El Bambu

El Faro Restaurant Bar | El Presidio

Gus Gus | Juanita's | Karnes en su Jugo

La Callecita Cenaduria | La Casa Azul

La Catrina | La Cocina de Ana

La Fonda Villas El Rancho

La Fonda Chalio | La Hacienda de la Flor

La Taquiza del Cheff | La Tramoya | Los Zarapes | Lucila's | Lupita's

Machado Fish Taco | Mami Lucy | Margaritas | Molokay on Stone Island

Mr. Lionso Playa Bruja | Mucho Antojo | Pancho's | Paparadise Potatoes Boutique

Paradilla Charly | Pedro y Lola | Picanton Baja Grill | Q Cotorro (Tacotorro)

Raymundo's Papas and Taco Stand | Restaurant Playa Norte | Sefe's

Tacos El Chilillo | Tacos Escorpio by Henry | Tacos Luna | Taqueria Playa Sur

The Place, El Paraje | Tomates Verdes | Topolo

54 popular International and Fusion cuisine restaurants in Mazatlan Mexico Fusion and international cuisine
Info and reviews of 54 Mazatlan Restaurant Guide recommended International restaurants

Dining out in Mazatlan can be a very international experience!

The 54 top rated and very popular restaurants listed below serve meals prepared in culinary styles from around the world including Cuban and other Latin American cuisines like Tapas, Italian and other European cuisines, Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, American, Canadian, Jamaican and Fusion fare.

54 top rated International restaurants in Mazatlan Mexico Agatha Kitchen Bar | Allegro Caffe

Angelina's Kitchen | Angelo's

Cafe Playa Sur | Carlos & Lucia's

Casa Arabe | Casa Canobbio

Casa 46 | Casa Loma

Compania Minera de Panuco | Darwins

Diego's Beach House | El Olivo Café Deli

El Parador Espanol | Gaia Bistrot

Gringo Lingo | Hector's Bistro

Il Mio Capriccio | Il Mosto

La Bohemia | La Concha | La Cordeliere

La Fiera | Lucky B's | MACAWS | Mary's | Mangos | Maracuya | ME

Morena's Taste of India | Panama Pasteleria | Pancho's | Papagayo

Raggio Cucina Casual | St. Lorenzo's Eating Place | Surf's Up Beach Cafe

Twisted Mama's | Villa Italia | Vittore Italian Grill

Water's Edge Bistro | Zab Thai

8 BBQ, steaks, ribs, grills Steaks, ribs, BBQ & grills Restaurant Guide recommended
Information and reviews of 8 of the best steakhouses, grills, and BBQ restaurants in Mazatlan

8  top rated Steakhouses in Mazatlan Mexico Blue Smoque BBQ | El Bife

El Bigotes Carnitas el Camino

El Campanerio | La Casa Country

Las Brochetas | Munchkins

Restaurant El Montalayo

Only a modest number of Mazatlan restaurants promote themselves primarily as Steakhouses or BBQ restaurants.

These 8 highly recommended Mazatlan dining establishments pride themselves on their beef entrees, and consistently deliver great grilled beef dining experiences. Many other popular Mazatlan restaurants also serve great steaks and barbecue as part of their menus, and a number of top rated Mazatlan restaurants such as La Tramoya and Topolo are very well known for their beef.

19 popular Asian restaurants in Mazatlan Mexico Sushi, Chinese and Asian Restaurant Guide recommended
Info and reviews of 19 of the best Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Asian-Fusion restaurants in Mazatlan

If you're craving Asian food, these 19 popular Asian restaurants in Mazatlan deliver! Our city has a range of Asian dining options -- particularly Japanese and Sushi restaurants -- that include Chinese, Thai, Asian-Fusion and Korean places to dine out.

19 top rated Asian restaurants in Mazatlan Mexico Chinese restaurants

China Thai | Muralla China

Restaurant Jade | Restaurant Jano

Japanese restaurants
and sushi bars

Akita Sushi | Dozzo Japanese Asian Food

Kai Japanese | Kattana Sushi

Mahi Sushi Bistro | Matsuri Sushi

Miso Sushi | Sendai Sushi

Soho Sushi | Sushi Salads

Yokiro Sushi | Yoko Sushi Bar | Zasshi Japanese Bistro

Thai, Korean and Asian-fusion restaurants

Bento Grill (Korean) | Zab Thai (Thai & Asian Fusion)

34 Pizza Parlors in Mazatlan Mexico Pizza Restaurants and Delivery Recommended
Information and reviews of 34 popular restaurants serving and delivering the best pizza in Mazatlan!

34 popular pizza places in Mazatlan MexicoIt's easy to get great pizza in Mazatlan, whether you want to dine out or have it delivered!

The 34 pizzerias listed below range from top rated restaurants that serve north-of-the-border-style gourmet deep dish pies to familiar franchises.

Mazatlan pizza parlors deliver great taste and fast service!

Alforno Pizza | Benji's | Domino's Pizza

La Mona Pizzeria Cantina | La Rustica

Mi Casita | Nando's Chicago Style Pizza

Ocho Octavos | Pizza al Taglio Da Venzi | Pizza Hut | Pizza Xtreme Factory | Pizzeta

Rin Rin Pizza | Via Condotti Café y Pizzeria

Hamburger, Hot Dog, Wings, Fast Food Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken, Wings

36 Restaurant Guide recommended restaurants serving the best burgers, dogs, chicken and wings

36 Hamburger and popular fast food restaurants in Mazatlan MexicoHave a taste for a hamburger, hot dog, chicken wings, a subway sandwich or familiar American fast food?

Mazatlan has three dozen restaurants to choose from, everything from popular burger franchises that Americans and Canadians are familiar with, to delicious top rated home-made fare cooked by ex-pats and recommended Mexican restaurants, especially if you want roasted chicken!

And don't forget your Street Food dining options, especially for hot dogs!

Beach Burger | Bodega Snacks & Beer | Burger King | Carl's Jr. | Chiltepino's

Diablo's Super Hot-dogs | El Carboncito | El 4to | El Padre | El Trailer | KFC

Gustavo's Kitchen | La Morsa Restaurant & Bar | Mary's Sandwich Shoppe

McDonald's | New York Burger | Peter Papas & Burger | Puro Pollo

Roadhouse Garage and Grill | Rod's Burgers | Springs Tu Ensalada

Subway | Taller de Hamburguesas | Tony's Burgers | Wings Army

Also see Street Food Carts and Vendors

Bar food in Mazatlan Bars that Serve Delicious Food!
Mazatlan Restaurant Guide info about 22 popular bars that serve recommended bar food

22 popular bars with recommended bar food in Mazatlan MexicoPopular Mazatlan bar food spans everything from delicious traditional sports bar fare to sophisticated menu offerings at our best wine bars and high-line drinking establishments.

Bar Belmar | Barra al Mar (B.A.M.)

Candela Bar | Dugout Sports Bar

Edgars Bar-Cantina | Epokaz Antro BAR

El Alburs Sport Bar | Friends Diner

Habanero's Wine Bar | La Coronela

La Esquina 84 | Minnesota Sports Bar

Mulligan's Sports Bar | Pepe Toro Club

Puerto Viejo | RossoNero Wine Bar | Santanna Kitchen Bar | Sildavia Bistro Bar

Skyroom Bar Posada Freeman | The Last Drop | Vitrolas

19 Coffee Shop Cafés  with recommended menus Coffee Shop Cafés with great menus!

Mazatlan Restaurant Guide info about 19 recommended coffee shops that serve top rated food

19 Coffee shops with the best menus in Mazatlan MexicoYou can get pastry with your coffee in a lot of places, but the 19 best coffee shops in Mazatlan have full-blown menus with a very wide range of coffee house dining options including crepes, bagels, home-made pasteries, breakfast burritos, omelettes, French toast, waffles, pancakes, muffins, sandwiches, smoothies and much more!

Cafe El Faro | Coffee Tree

Dolce Mami | EtniKafe | Looney Bean

Memorial Cafe Gourmet | Rico's Cafe

Social Cafe | Sole Mare | Starbucks

7 top rated Juice Bars in Mazatlan Sinaloa Juice Bars and fresh fruit carts
Restaurant Guide info about 7 of the best juice bars in Mazatlan

7 recommended juice bars in Mazatlan MexicoConsidering drinking something other than Pacifico and tequila? Maybe eating something fresh and healthy?

While you don't want to rush into a culinary / dietary decision like that, if you do want some frest fruit and fruit juice, Mazatlan is one of the best places to be in Mexico!

Mazatlan has 7 top rated juice bars and even a superfood emporium to choose from.

Most of these Mazatlan juice bars source all of their fruits from a radius within Sinaloa State that will satisfy even the most dedicated locavore, and much of the produce is certifiably organic.

Don't forget the countless the countless Mazatlan street carts that serve delicious fresh-squeezed fruit juices: just because your juice bar doesn't have a brick-and-mortar edifice doesn't mean they don't serve a top-rate juice drink!

Dona Dona | El Naranjo Jugos y Licuados | Jugos y Licuados El Dengue

Pura Vida | The Juice Bar | Tierra Bendita Super Food Bar

20 top rated Ice Cream Shops, Gelato and Brownies in Mazatlan Sinaloa Ice Cream, Ice Milk and Gelato!
Restaurant Guide info about 20 great parlors for great ice cream, iced milk and gelato in Mazatlan

9 Gelato and ice cream parlors in Mazatlan MexicoFeeling a craving for ice cream, gelato or a homemade brownie?

Mazatlan has 20 popular ice cream parlors that serve excellent treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Most of our best ice cream and sweet shops are located in the Centro Historico, the Golden Zone or one of our malls.

And it's not just ice cream: Mazatlan has several excellent locations where you can enjoy hand-made gelato and even delicious home made brownies!

For something different, try Frosty's Ice Milk at El Bigote -- it's not ice cream but it sure is sweet and refreshing.

Baskin Robbins | Bing | Brownie Mania | Dairy Queen | Frosty's Ice Milk at El Bigote

Gelato Mazatlan Sinaloa Galerias | Helarte Sano | Mary's Restaurant & Ice Cream

Thrifty Ice Cream

15 popular Rural Sinaloa restaurants Restaurants near Mazatlán Restaurant Guide favorites!
15 restaurants in El Quelite, Villa Union, Cosala, Concordia, Copala, El Fuerte and Teacapan

Overview day trip mapLots of top rated restaurants in Sinaloa are located in pueblos outside Mazatlan.

Virtually all of the 15 popular Rural Sinaloa restaurants listed below are located in towns that are easy day trips from Mazatlan, and all deliver Sinaloa cuisine at its finest.

Of particular note is El Cuchupetas in Villa Union.

Just a 20 minute drive from the port, this highly recommended restaurant is famous not only in Sinaloa, but throughout Mexico for its extraordinary seafood.

NORTH Mexico 15 Via Libre (North) at Km 13.5 | Restaurante El Huizachal

El Quelite | El Meson de Los Laureanos | Los Arrieros

Cosala | El Portal de Los Mineros | El Pueblito | La Cabana de Don Polo

El Fuerte | Bonifacio's | El Meson del General | Paseo de Las Aves

SOUTH Villa Union | El Cuchupetas

El Walamo | El Atrancon Restaurant Campeche

Concordia | El Granero

Copala | Chalva's Restaurant

Teacapan | Bahia Bonita Restaurante | Restaurant Sr. Wayne

Seafood | Mexican Restaurants | Fusion and International Cuisine

Steaks, Ribs, BBQ, Grills | Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Asian-Fusion

Pizza | Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken and Wings | Bars with Delicious Food!

Coffee Shops and Cafés with Great Menus! | Ice Cream, Gelato, Ice Milk

Juice Bars - Fruit Stands | Street Food Carts | Rural Sinaloa Restaurants

Vegetarian Dining and Food Guide

Mazatlan Restaurant Reviews and guide to 326 of the best recommended dining locations searchable by cuisine - Restaurants included are in locations throughout Mazatlan and nearby Rural Sinaloa


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