Mazatlan Mexico emergency services, phone numbers and information including EMS, emergency medical services, 24-hour ambulances, paramedics, the
Mazatlan Red Cross, the Mazatlan police department, fire department and CFE - download the free .pdf guide and don't worry about having an emergency in Mazatlan!

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Updated January 15, 2018


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Mazatlán Emergency Services
Phone Numbers for Emergency Services in Mazatlan Mexico

Mazatlan EMS and emergency services can be reached by dialing 911 (landline or cell)

Mazatlan emergency phone numbersWhile nobody wants to have an emergency -- especially while on vacation! -- emergencies sometimes happen.

The following list of emergency phone numbers and Mazatlan emergency service providers is offered as a Mazatlan Emergency Services .pdf that you can print before your visit.

Consider downloading this list of Mazatlan EMS and emergency phone numbers, printing it, and plan on throwing it away (please recycle...) after a perfect trip!

Download free 2018 Mazatlan medical provider directoryDownload free Mazatlan emergency phone numbers Download Mazatlan emergency phone numbers by clicking here cannot vouch for the professional competence or integrity of the Mazatlan emergency services providers listed on this page.

EMS in Mazatlán
Emergency medical service phone numbers

Red Cross / Cruz Roja

Ambulances called by dialing 911 (landline or cell)

Emergency Telephone 669 981 3690

Telephone 669 985 1451

Avenida Ignacio Zaragoza 1801 / Centro

Blood Supplies

Emergency blood supplies information

Telephone 669 984 0262

Mazatlan Mexico police and fire emergency phone numbers Mazatlán Police and Fire Department
emergency phone numbers + the Green Angels!

Tourist Police

Tourist police information

Telephone 669 914 8444

Transit Police / Policia tránsito (Vehicle accidents)

Transit police usually speak some English, or can find another
transit police person who does

Telephone 669 982 2997 and 669 983 2816

City Police / Policia Municipal

City police information

Telephone 669 984 4499 and 669 983 4510

State Police / Policia Ministerial del Estado

State police information

Telephone 669 985 5311

Federal Police / Policia Federal Preventiva / PFP

Federal police information

Telephone 669 980 6880

Mazatlan Fire Deparment / Bomberos

Fire department information

Telephone 669 981 2600 and 669 981 2769

Green Angels / Ángeles verdes

Free roadside assistance in Mexico

Telephone 669 981 2600 and 669 981 2769

Mazatlan Mexico electrical and gas emergency phone numbers Electrical emergencies and gas leaks

Federal Electricity Commission / CFE

Electrical emergencies and outages

Telephone 071

Gas Leaks

Emergency gas leak reports

Telephone 669 981 0505

Free .pdf directory of emergency services in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico including police, fire department, ambulance services, paramedics, blood supplies, gas leaks and electrical problems!


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