Mazatlan Coffee Shop Guide: 19 recommended coffee houses in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico including the best
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Looney Bean Coffee House Mazatlan

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19 recommended Mazatlan Mexico coffee houses and cafés / Click for Restaurant Guide homepage
Mazatlán Coffee Shops and Cafés
The 19 best coffee houses and cafés in Sinaloa

19 Mazatlan Mexico coffee houses and cafésNo excuse if you drink watery Mexican coffee in Mazatlan -- The Pearl of The Pacific has many excellent coffee houses and cafés!

Most of our 19 recommended Mazatlan coffee shops are popular long-established businesses, and have loyal followings of very happy repeat customers.

The majority of these top rated coffee shops and cafés in Mazatlan offer free password-secured wireless internet (WiFi) access to customers.

A number of our best reviewed coffee houses -- Rico's, Looney Bean and the Social Café Lounge -- also offer a wide and delicious selection of things to eat while you're enjoying your first cup of coffee in the morning!

Cafe El Faro | Coffee Tree | Dolce Mami | EtniKafe at Casa Etnika

Looney Bean | Memorial Cafe Gourmet | Rico's Cafe

Social Cafe Lounge | Sole Mare | Starbucks

Café El Faro Recommended Mazatlan Coffee House
Information about the best coffee shops in the Mazatlan Centro Historico

Mariano Escobedo 404 / Centro Historico / Telephone 669 985 5915

Cafe El FaroLocated at Mariano Escobedo 404 (the corner of Mariano Escobedo and Heriberto Frias streets) in the Centro Historico, Café El Faro makes some of the best coffee in Mazatlan.

Founded in 1990 by Rosendo Quezada and his sister, Lorena, Café El Faro is dedicated to roasting coffee beans carefully sourced from the premier coffee-growing states in Mexico: Chiapas, Colima, Nayarit and Veracruz.

Café El Faro serves both hot and iced coffee, espresso, and tea. El Faro also sells fresh roasted coffee -- the roaster is right there -- as either whole bean or ground to specification.

An added bonus to their ever popular coffee -- and food -- this coffee house has expanded into a full restaurant, the El Faro Restaurant Bar. The restaurant is located at Olas Altas 166 on the Malecon, has a full menu, and is open from early morning until 10pm daily.

Café El Faro in Mazatlan is open Monday - Saturday 7am until about 9pm, and Sunday from 5-9pm.

Coffee Tree Recommended Mazatlan Coffee Shop
Information about the best coffee shops in Mazatlan

Coffee house with free WiFi internet - Coffee TreeGran Plaza Mall

Located in the center of the Gran Plaza Mall, Coffee Tree offers great organic Mexican coffees, smoothies and delicious snacks like crepes, bagels, sandwiches. Fiercely air conditioned -- a big plus in the summer! -- Coffee Tree has comfortable seating and friendly employees. Open when the mall is, 9am-9pm.

Dolce Mami Reposteria Café Recommended Mazatlan Coffee House
Information about the best coffee shops in the Mazatlan Centro Historico

Belisario Domínguez 1508 / Centro Historico / Telephone 669 982 5142

Lomas de Mazatlan / Telephone 669 112 0173

Zona Dorada / Telephone 669 180 2296

La Gran Plaza / Telephone 669 983 1177

Matriz / Telephone 669 982 0100

There are five of the popular Dolce Mami Reposteria cafés in Mazatlan.

Dolce Mami serves delicious coffee and unbelieveably tasty hand-made -- and highly fattening -- pasteries. From traditional German Chocolate and Carrot cakes to more exotic offerings like Guayaba pie, each of Dolce Mami's creations is crafted with only the finest ingredients by artisans who love great pastry.

Dolci Mami also serves paninis and salads.

Dolce Mami is one of the best places to start your day with powerful coffee and a strong jolt of sugar!

Dolce Mami Reposteria Cafés in Mazatlan are open from early morning to evening every day.

EtniKafe' at Casa Etnika Recommended Mazatlan Coffee House
Information about the best coffee shops in the Mazatlan Centro Historico

Telephone 669 136 0139

Sixto Osuna 50 / Centro Historico

Etni KafeEtniKafe' is a spectacular coffee house located in the art gallery Casa Etnika.

This top rated coffee shop is part of a unique gallery that has received rave reviews in international publications like Travel and Leisure magazine the Lonely Planet.

With tables situated in a beautiful tree shaded courtyard bursting with a multitude of exotic trees and plants, EtniKafe' is one of the best places to relax before or after strolling the Centro Historico.

Serving only only shade grown and fair trade certified coffees, this popular Centro Historico coffee house serves espresso, hot cocoa, tea, chai, frappes and smoothies, as well small homemade munchables like pasteries and cookies.

Looney Bean Coffee Shop Recommended Mazatlan Coffee House
Information about the best coffee shops at Playa Bruja and in the Mazatlan Centro Historico

Coffee house with free WiFi internet - Looney BeanTelephone Cerritos 669 167 9503

Telephone Olas Altas 669 136 0507

Avenida Sábalo Cerritos 3500 / Just north of Playa Bruja / Nuevo Mazatlan

Olas Altas 166 at Olas Altas Beach / Centro Historico

Looney Bean Coffee ShopBefore a saunter in the sand at Playa Bruja or Olas Altas beaches -- or a stroll through the Centro Historico -- stop in at a Looney Bean coffee house in Mazatlan Mexico: without a doubt some of the best coffee in Mazatlan.

At Looney Bean, owners Heidi and Tom Lonsdale have created a wonderful Mazatlan coffee house retreat where you can enjoy a brilliant cup of coffee hand crafted by a well trained barista.

Looney Bean roasts its own gourmet artisan coffee beans on-site. Both locations have always served a range of delicious bagles, cookies and baked goods, and wonderful fruit smoothies and now, with new kitchens, serve full breakfasts like breakfast burritos, omelettes and pancakes as well as delicious sandwiches.

This gourmet coffee shop sells astoundingly flavorful fresh roasted whole beans or ground coffee by the pound.

Within the original location at Playa Bruja in Cerritos Tom, a master mason, has utilized local stone to create a beautiful and unique interior space.

The newest Looney Bean is located right on the Malecon overlooking Olas Altas beach.

Both of the highly popular Looney Bean locations provide free WiFi. The original Playa Bruja coffee house is also an internet cafe, with public computers available, and the Looney Bean at Olas Altas even rents surf boards!

The best cup of coffee in Mazatlan is waiting for you at Looney Bean, one of the most highly recommended coffee houses in Mexico.

Hours, Olas Altas Location: 7:30am - 10:00pm Monday through Thursday, 7:30am - 11:00pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Hours, Cerritos location: 7:30am - 3:30pm Daily

Memorial Café Gourmet Recommended Mazatlan Coffee House
Information about the best coffee shops in the Mazatlan Centro Historico

Coffee house with free WiFi internet - Memorial Gourmet CoffeeTelephone 669 985 4301

Carnaval 1209 / Centro Historico across from the Angela Peralta Theater

Memorial Café Gourmet in Mazatlan offers a wide selection of coffee, tea and desserts in a stylish atmosphere across from the Angela Peralta Theater in the Centro Historico.

This Mazatlan coffee house serves delicious gourmet coffee -- the beans are from Chiapas, and organically grown -- and features piano music on the weekends. The Memorial Café Gourmet coffee house offers a full menu of breakfasts, lunch, dinner and pastries.

One of the most highly recommended coffee houses in Mazatlan, especially for those touring the Centro Historico. Open from early morning until late at night every day.

Rico's Café Recommended Mazatlan Coffee House
Information about the best coffee shops in Mazatlan

Camarón Sábalo / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada / Telephone 669 913 1444

At the El Cid Resort / Telephone 669 914 0433

Marina Mazatlan at the Pemex Plaza / Telephone 669 913 4224

Rico's Coffee ShopCoffee house with free WiFi internet - Rico'sRico's Cafe in Mazatlan is everything an upscale coffee shop should be. Warm, modern and inviting, Ricos's coffee house in Mazatlan provides great coffee, snacks, and reliable unlimited WiFi.

Rico's uses only Fair Trade, organic, beans -- mostly from the mountains of Chiapas, Oaxaca and Veracruz -- which are roasted on-site and available for purchase either whole or ground.

Rico's coffee house also has great hot chocolate, chocolate milk, teas, desserts and popular bakery items. Rico's Cafe also offers a wide selection of some of the best breakfast items around including waffles, French toast, crepes and omeletts.

Consistently one of the most highly recommended coffee houses in Mazatlan Mexico, Rico's has three locations.

Video of a Latte at Rico's Cafe in Mazatlán

Social Café Lounge Recommended Mazatlan Café
Information about the best cafés in the Mazatlan Golden Zone

Café with free WiFi internet - Social Café LoungeTelephone 669 176 7144

Avenida Camarón Sábalo 710 / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Social Cafe LoungePart coffee house, part high-line bar, and part uniquely diverse restaurant, the popular Social Café Lounge in Mazatlan is one of the more sophisticated drinking and dining concepts that our community has seen in many years.

Located in the Golden Zone in front of the Costa de Oro Hotel this top rated café offers delicious espresso, coffees, chillers, spectacular cocktails and a café style menu which includes items such as bagels, paninis, muffins, delicious desserts and tapas style shared plates.

All of these meals can be matched with coffee, outstanding beers, premium coctails, fine wine or champagne.

Or don't order food at all: Social Café Lounge is a coffee house and bar -- food purchases are not required.

Conveniently, Social Café Lounge offers free WiFi so you can connect with your friends back home and describe to them in excruciating detail what they're missing in real-time.

Open 8am - 11pm every day except Sunday.

Sole' Mare
Recommended Mazatlan Café / Coffee House / Information

Coffee house with free WiFi internet - Sole'

Avenida del Mar 1105 / On the Malecon / Telephone 669 922 0100

Rafael Buelna 403 / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada / Telephone 669 112 0300

Colonia Centro 1602 / Telephone 669 916 1000

Sole Mare has three locations in Mazatlan, and delivers a gourmet coffee experience based on beans from Veracruz. Whether ordering coffee, espresso, tea or refreshing cool frappes or smoothies, Sole' Mare is a consistent taste treat.

Their kitchen serves breakfast, lunch, baguettes, sandwiches, salads, pastries and other snack items.

Starbucks Coffee
Starbucks in Mazatlan / Coffee House / Information

Coffee house with free WiFi internet - Starbuck's CoffeeTelephone 669 913 4260

Paseo Lomas de Mazatlan 102 at Camarón Sábalo / Lomas de Mazatlan

Starbucks Coffee in Mazatlan is...Starbucks.

As in the United States, internet access at Starbuck's in Mazatlan is not free.

WiFi is available only through an existing subscription you may have, or by purchasing daily access. Starbucks is open from 8am - 6pm most days.

One of the most highly recommended coffee shops in Mazatlan by Starbucks' fans, the popular Starbucks at Lomas de Mazatlan has a drive-through.

Cafe El Faro | Coffee Tree | Dolce Mami | EtniKafe at Casa Etnika

Looney Bean | Memorial Cafe Gourmet | Rico's Cafe

Social Cafe Lounge | Sole Mare | Starbucks

Reviews and information about the 19 best coffee houses, popular pastry shops and recommended cafés in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico


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