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Mazatlan Mexico churches and houses of worship
Mazatlán Churches español
Church Services and and information about houses of worship

Baptist | Catholic | Congregational

Jehovah's Witness | LDS | Lutheran | Presbyterian

Protestant - Evangelical | 7th Day Adventist

Non-Denominational Worship

Mazatlan Cathedral exteriorMazatlan is home to many churches.

Our churches range from the spectacular and historic Basilica de la Inmaculada Concepcion -- our largest Catholic house of worship pictured at left -- to more modest smaller houses of worship.

These churches represent many religions including Baptist, Congregational, Jehovah's Witness, Evangelical Protestant Christian, Presbyterian, 7th Day Adventist, LDS and Lutheran faiths, as well as opportunities for non-denominational worship.

In addition to the churches in Mazatlan, there are many beautiful and fascinating houses of worship in surrounding Rural Sinaloa communities that can be accessed by day trip.

Rural Sinaloa churches range from the lovely modestly scaled churches at La Noria and El Quelite to the grand colonial churches located in Concordia, Copala, and El Rosario.

Baptist Churches Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico Baptist Churches
in Mazatlan
, Sinaloa, Mexico

Baptist religious practice in Mexico has a long history, with the first Baptist evangelical church in Mexico consecrated in 1864 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

The American Baptist Home Mission Society and the Southern Baptist Convention sent several dozen missionaries to Mexico in the late 1800s, and they spread the faith throughout many states.

The Convención Nacional Bautista de México (National Baptist Convention of Mexico) is the oldest and largest Baptist church organization in Mexico.

Iglesia Bautista Beth-Lehem de Mazatlán Baptist Church

Calle Estado de Occidente 1004 / Colonia Sánchez Celis

Telephone 669 984 1983

Iglesia Bautista Eben-Ezer de Mazatlán Baptist Church

Calle Toma de Juárez 2378 / Colonia Francisco Villa

Telephone 669 984 1293

Iglesia Bautista El Buen Pastor de Mazatlán Baptist Church

La Marina 624

Telephone 669 983 6276

Iglesia Bautista Emanuel de Mazatlán Baptist Church

Calle Pedro Infante 5505, Privada Escollera / Colonia Benito Juárez

Telephone 669 982 0273

Iglesia Bautista Estrella de Belén de Mazatlán Baptist Church

Calle Laureles 2802 / Colonia Emiliano Zapata

Telephone 669 668 3796

Iglesia Bautista Maranata Baptist Church

Avenida Principal 76 / Isla de La Piedra

Telephone 669 176 5546

Primera Iglesia Bautista de Mazatlán Baptist Church

Calle Francisco Villa 1902 Norte / Colonia Centro

Telephone 669 981 6076

Quinta Iglesia Bautista Horeb de Mazatlán Baptist Church

Calle Séptima 3804 / Colonia Morelos

Telephone 669 981 5150

Catholic Churches Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico Catholic Churches
in Mazatlan
, Sinaloa, Mexico

Catholic religious practice came to Mexico with the Spanish Conquistadors and rapidly largely overwhelmed traditional indigenous religions. In some parts of southern Mexico -- notably the Yucatan peninsula -- modern Mexican Catholicism is blended with traditional Mayan beliefs and rituals.

Mazatlan has many Catholic churches ranging from the magnificent Basilica de la Inmaculada Concepcion in Centro to smaller houses of worship scattered throughout the neighborhoods and Colinias.

While Catholicism was formally separated from Mexican government -- after a near-century long struggle -- by articles of the modern Mexican constitution adopted in 1917, Roman Catholics represent over 80% the population of Mexico.

Basilica de la Inmaculada Concepcion Catholic Basilica / Cathedral

Avenida Benito Juarez and Canizalez s/n Centro

Telephone 669 981 3352

Mazatlan Basilica interior Construction of this magnificent Catholic church located in the heart of the Centro Historico began in 1856 under Bishop Pedro Loza y Pardave, but was halted a year later.

Work resumed in 1875, with the Cathedral completed in 1899 and the building being consecrated as a Basilica in 1937.

The facade is both Gothic and Moorish influenced and has three naves with altars, following the Baroque style.

The Basilica's exterior is finished in yellow untiles that were manufactured in Europe for this building.

The beautiful atrium contains two spectacular statues of Jesus that welcome worshipers and visitors, and the cathedral contains a remarkable collection of baroque altars, gold leaf murals, crystal chandeliers, religious sculptures, and a spectacular Parisian organ manufactured by Aristide Cavaille-Coll, the best European organ builder of the nineteenth century.

It is noteworthy that the Basilica in Mazatlan is one of the very few Roman Catholic Churches anywhere in the world that displays the Star of David, which is embedded in each of its 28 stained-glass windows.

Within the church compound large sculptures of Saint Matthew, Saint Mark, Saint Luke, and Saint John stand at each of the four corners of the property. Soaring over the apostles, the cathedral’s twin towers and their outer cupola are finished with yellow untiles of made especially for the project in Europe. Beautiful during the day, the cathedral is particularly magnificent at night when its facade is washed with spotlights and the crosses that cap its towers are illuminated.

Video of the interior of the Basilica de la Inmaculada Concepcion Mazatlan Catholic Cathedral

Mazatlan’s Basilica faces the Plazuela Republica, a lushly planted plaza with a Porfirian gazebo at its center. It is just a short stroll from Olas Altas Beach, the Plaza Machado or other locations in the Centro Historico.

Map to Mazatlan Basilica

Map to the Mazatlan Basilica from Google Maps

Offices of the Diocese of Mazatlán

Canizales and Benito Juarez / Centro

Telephone 669 981 3352

Iglesia Católica de Santa Teresa Catholic Church

109 C.P. 82139 Inf. De las Conchas

Telephone 669 988 8070

Nuestra Señora del Carmen Catholic Church

Perez Arce and Ameritas / Colonia Benito Juarez

Telephone 669 986 2770

Parroquia Cristo Rey Catholic Church

Canonero Tampico and German Evers

Telephone 669 985 1604

Parroquia del Espiritu Santu Catholic Church

Pino and Sauce / Colonia Urias

Telephone 669 984 2093

Parroquia Divino Redentor Catholic Church

Avenida Venados 4499 / Fraccionamiento Los Portales

Telephone 669 990 0553

Parroquia La Guadalupana Catholic Church

Oaxaca 938, Colonia Sanchez Celis

Telephone 669 990 0636

Parroquia Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Catholic Church

Rio Évora and Papagayo / Fraccionamiento Lomas del Mar

Telephone 669 982 0809

Parroquia San Carlos Borromeo Catholic Church

Rio Baluarte 4 / Fraccionamiento Palos Prietos

Telephone 669 981 33276

Parroquia San Felipe de Jesús Catholic Church

Avenida Gabriel Leyva 2831 / Colonia Lopez Mateos

Telephone 669 983 3916

Parroquia San José Obrero Catholic Church

Avenida De las Torres and Azucenas / Colonia Flores Magon

Telephone 669 980 2525

Parroquia San Juan Apóstol y Evangelista Catholic Church

Toma de Juarez and Toma de Celaya 86 / Colonia Francisco Villa

Telephone 669 983 1520

Parroquia San Pablo Apostol Catholic Church

Avenida Halcones and Condores Inf. Alarcon

Telephone 669 930 0078

Parroquia San Pedro Apostol Catholic Church

13 de Abril and Tercera Colonia Venustiano Carranza

Telephone 669 986 8880

Parroquia San Rafael Arcangel Catholic Church

Emiliano Zapata and Ferrocarril

Telephone 669 983 9594

Parroquia Santisima Trinidad de Mazatlan Catholic Church

Avenida Lactea and Virgo / Fraccionamiento Villa Galaxia

Telephone 669 984 0545

Provincia Beato Fray Junipero Serra en Mexico Catholic Church

Alfonso Genaro Calderon 309 / Colonia Salvador Allende

Telephone 669 984 2093

Rectoria de la Medalla Milagrosa Catholic Church

Canizalez 1111 / Centro

Telephone 669 981 6162

Rectoria de Nuestra Señora de Fatima Catholic Church

Parada and Callejon Corona / Colonia Montuosa

Telephone 669 985 2226

Rectoria de San JoséRectoria de San José Catholic Church

Campana and Canizalez / Centro

Telephone 669 981 3545

The small Rectoria de San José is oldest Catholic church in Mazatlan. Construction was begun in 1837 and completed in 1842.

At the time the Rectoria de San José was consecrated the population of the Port of Mazatlan was about 4000 and -- despite the church's relatively small size -- was a majestic house of worship for that community, and remained the largest church in Mazatlan until construction of our Basilica was seriously underway in the late 1870's.

Rectoria de San Judas Tadeo Catholic Church

Mojarras 55 / Sabalo Country Club / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Telephone 669 916 6246

Sagrada Familia Catholic Church

Cisne and Rio de la Plata / Fraccionamiento Las Gaviotas

Telephone 669 913 5287

Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús Catholic Church

Siqueiros and San Francisco / Colonia San Joaquin

Telephone 669 988 8070

Santuario de Guadalupe Catholic Church

Gabriel Leyva 2831 Colonia Klein

Telephone 669 982 4341

Sunday Mass for Tourists Catholic Service

Hotel Playa Real

Telephone 669 913 1111

Templo de San Francisco de Asisi Catholic Church

Alonso G. Calderon 309 / Colonia Salvador Allende

Telephone 669 984 2093

Templo Santa Maria del Mar Catholic Church

Carnaval and Gemelas / Colonia Playa Sur

Telephone 669 982 5655

Congregational Churches Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico Congregational Churches
in Mazatlan
, Sinaloa, Mexico

Iglesia Cristiana Congregacional United Church of Christ

Iglesia Cristiana Congregacional is primarily an English-speaking church serving interdenominational Christians. Services are in English. The church operates seasonally, primarily over the winter during the tourist season.

5 de Mayo 1714 / Centro

Telephone 669 985 5956

Jehovah’s Witness Churches Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Halls
in Mazatlan
, Sinaloa, Mexico

Jehovah's Witnesses have a long presence in Mexico, with several hundred thousand active members -- those who preach -- and a larger number who express affiliation. There are four Jehova's Witness Kingdom Halls in Mazatlan, including an English speaking congregation located at the marina.

Jehovah’s Witness English Congregation Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall

Avenida De La Marina 899

Telephone 669 913 2428

Salón del Reino de Testigos de Jehová Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall

Avenida Francisco Solis 2408

Telephone 669 983 4100

Salón del Reino de Testigos de Jehová Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall

De la Marina 329

Telephone 669 983 0843

Salón del Reino de Testigos de Jehová Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall

Pedro Infante 3705

Telephone 669 983 4808

LDS Temple Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico LDS Temples and Mormon Worship
in Mazatlan
, Sinaloa, Mexico

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a long history in Mexico, with Brigham Young calling for a mission to Mexico in 1874. The following year missionaries set out with the dual purpose of finding locations for future Mormon settlements and speading word of the faith among Mexicans. By the late 1800s Mormon colonies had been established in northern Mexico, primarily within the border states of Chihuahua and Sonora.

Beyond established Mormon Temples in Mexico, many young Mormons choose Mexico as a place to serve their missionary year.

La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días LDS Temple

Edificio Albatros, Rafael Dominguez / Colonia Palos Prietos, Lopez Mateos

Telephone 669 982 9396

Lutheran Churches Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico Lutheran Churches
in Mazatlan
, Sinaloa, Mexico

Iglesia Evangelica Luterana Cristo Redentor Lutheran Church

Carvajal 1205

Telephone 669 981 3636

Presbyterian Churches Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico Presbyterian Churches
in Mazatlan
, Sinaloa, Mexico

Iglesia Presbiteriana Sion Presbyterian Church

Coromuel 232 / Playa Sur

Telephone 669 985 0308

Protestant - Evangelical Churches Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico Protestant - Evangelical Churches
in Mazatlan
, Sinaloa, Mexico

Amor y Libertad Centro Familiar Protestant / Evangelical Church

Ejercito Mexicano 1020 Altos

Telephone 669 985 4033

Centro Cristiano Espiritu y Verdad Protestant / Evangelical Church


Telephone 669 981 4699

La Casa de la Iglesia Protestant / Evangelical Church

German Evers 218 / Centro

Telephone 669 982 5820

New Apostolic Church Protestant / Evangelical Church

Colonia Francisco Villa

Telephone 669 983 9716

Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Mazatlan Protestant / Evangelical Church

The Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Mazatlan is a ministry dedicated to service to the poor. Founded by Pastor Fred Collom his wife Debbie Collom, The Vineyard conducts Sunday worship services in English at 9am and in Spanish at 11am. The Vineyard ministry operates substantial community outreach programs that deliver food, medical care and spiritual comfort to the residents of some of the poorest colonias within Mazatalan.

Camarón Sábalo 335 / Zona Dorada - Golden Zone

Telephone 669 916 5114

Telephone in the United States and Canada 210 587 7342

7th Day Adventist Churches Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico 7th Day Adventist Churches
in Mazatlan
, Sinaloa, Mexico

Seventh Day Adventist churches are found in almost every country. The Seventh Day Adventist Church of Mazatlan was founded over 35 years ago with the help of a lot of Christian brothers from different part of the Mexican republic.

Mazatlan Seventh Day Adventist churches have services Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm.

Sabbath Services are on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm and at 6pm.

Everyone -- especially English speakers -- are warmly welcomed at all services.

Video by the Mazatlan Seventh Day Adventist Church

Iglesia Adventista Del 7o. Dia Central 7th Day Adventist Church

Rio Evora & Tropic de Cancer / Colonia Estero

Telephone 669 985 2511

Iglesia Adventista Morelos 7th Day Adventist Church

Calle Agustín Melgar y Calle Decima / Colonia Morelos

Iglesia Adventista Sion 7th Day Adventist Church

Circunvalación y Héroes de Nacozari / Colonia Bahias

Non-Denominational Worship Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico Non-Denominational Worship
in Mazatlan
, Sinaloa, Mexico

Salvation Army Non-denominational Worship

Gutierrez Najera 514

Telephone 669 982 3453

The Salvation Army in Mazatlan provides the opportunity for non-denominational worship and charitable community activities.

Video of the Salvation Army Mazatlan
children's Christmas sing-along

Baptist | Catholic | Congregational

Jehovah's Witness | LDS | Lutheran | Presbyterian

Protestant - Evangelical | 7th Day Adventist

Non-Denominational Worship

Information about Mazatlan churches and Baptist, Catholic, Congregational, Evangelical, Jehovah's Witness, Lutheran, Mormon, 7th Day Adventist and Protestant worship service times and locations


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