Day Trips to Stone Island (GPS N23°18'00" W106°41'40") from Mazatlan: Just a short Lancha boat ride takes you on a
day trip to Isla de la Piedra and some of the best beaches in The Pearl of The Pacific - or anywhere in Sinaloa, Mexico!

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Stone Island day trip from Mazatlan / Click for Day Trips homepage Stone Island / Isla de la Piedra
Best day trips from Mazatlan / Just a short Lancha (boat) ride!

North El Quelite | La Noria | Meseta de Cacaxtla and Barras de Piaxtla

Las Labradas Petroglyphs (Archaeology) | San Ignacio | Lake El Salto | Cosala

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Islands near Mazatlan Stone Island | Deer Island and Goat Island | Bird Island

The beach at Stone Island

Technically not an island -- it is a peninsula located just off the south end of the coast of Old Mazatlan that can be reached by land from the east -- Stone Island (Isla de la Piedra) is most often accessed by a short boat ride across the channel and definitely has a tropical island feel!

This proximity has long made Stone Island one of the most popular and frequently recommended Mazatlan day trips. Tranquil and clean, Isla de la Piedra is the perfect beach getaway from Mazatlan, and a perfect Mazatlan day trip.

Mariachis and surfer at Stone IslandStone Island is known throughout Mexico for its beautiful, long sandy beaches -- Mexico's third largest coconut grove follows the length of the southern beach -- which seem to disappear as they stretch to the horizon. Because of its sheltered orientation, the beaches of Stone Island are usually calm, and the water often warmer than on Mazatlan's city beaches. Gentle waves at Isla de la Piedra make for refreshing easy swimming, and the beach is the perfect place among our day trips around Mazatlan to take in the hot Mexican sun.

The beach at Stone Island

With about 4,000 residents, Stone Island day trips from Mazatlan have just the right combination of amenities and tranquility. Palapa restaurants line the Stone Island beach where you land. Populated by vendors and, sometimes, mariachis, these breezy and shady Stone Island restaurants are make a lovely gateway to the island and a great place to cool off in the shade and enjoy the ocean view.

On Sundays and holidays Isla de la Piedra draws Mexican families on their own Stone Island day trips, but at other times tourists on Mazatlan day trips are likely have the beach to themselves.

Video of Stone Island, Sinaloa, Mexico
day trip from Mazatlan

Mazatlan day trips to Stone Island can be a culinary adventure as Stone Island has numerous delightful small restaurants right on the beach. Stone Island restaurants serve excellent food -- especially seafood, which is certain to be on every Stone Island restaurant menu! -- but Mazatlan day trippers can also enjoy chicken, quesadillas, soups, salads, and coconuts at many Stone Island restaurants.

Tourists and cruise ship passengers on Stone IslandMost Stone Island restaurants also offer umbrella-shaded areas with lounging chairs and hammocks if you'd just like to kick back on your Mazatlan day trip and and enjoy a margarita, fresh limeade, or an ice-cold Pacifico beer.

Many Stone Island restaurants and small businesses rent out ATVs, catamarans, banana boats, snorkeling equipment, and horses to those on Mazatlan day trips. Showers and volleyball courts are sometimes available from other Stone Island businesses -- sometimes free of charge -- making Mazatlan day trips to Stone Island inexpensive and stress-free.

Allow us to guide you to four of the long-popular Stone Island restaurant favorites that have been drawing those on Mazatlan day trips for years.

Benji's Pizza LEARN MORE

Pizza Benji's is the only restaurant that serves pizza on Stone Island, and offers unique and delicious Mexican pizzas such as shrimp garlic pizza.

Benji's Pizza also serves a number of non-pizza offerings, like Shrimp Diablo. Pizza Benji's serves both alcohol and non-alcohol drinks.

Carmelita's LEARN MORE

Carmelita's on Stone Island was founded in 1938 by Seņor Rodrigo Aguirre and Seņora Maria del Carmen Ruvalcaba -- many say it was the first restaurant on Stone Island!

Like all Stone Island seafood restaurants, Carmelita's fresh fish is caught daily.

Most of the menu at Carmelita's on Stone Island is seafood, but they can make a tasty hot dog or grilled cheese sandwich for the kids.

Carmelita's offers Mazatlan day trippers consistently excellent service, a terrific relaxed atmosphere, and delicious meals.

Carmelita's is within the Hotel Stone Island Gardens, an excellent Mazatlan budget hotel.


In 1985 the late Lety Aguirre founded Lety's on Stone Island, a family-run palapa restaurant located right on the beach. Lety was a native of Stone Island, and took great pride in her restaurant.

This tradition of quality continues under the management of her family, with ingredients and meals served at Lety's always fresh and delicious. Chicken, fish, soup, quesadillas, or combination plates are all offered, along with Lety's great seafood.

Video of Lety's Restaurant on Stone Island

Visitors to Stone Island on Mazatlan day trips appreciate that showers with changing rooms are available at Lety's on Stone Island -- which makes this the ideal place to gather strength after hours playing beach volleyball or body surfing in the sun.

Take a day trip to Stone Island, visit Lety's, enjoy a home-made limeade, and nap the afternoon away in a hammock!

Open from 9am to 6pm every day.

Telephone 669 981 9255


Molokay has been a Stone Island restaurant favorite since 1954!

Located right on the main beach, this restaurant delivers cold beer, fresh shrimp, delicious octopus and all sorts of other Mexican seafood treats -- all delivered by a friendly and efficient wait-staff.

If you're looking for a relaxed but surprisingly elegant place -- think linens and tablecloths -- to kick it on Stone Island you can't make a better choice than Molokay.


Lunch at Victor's restaurant on Stone Island is a great Stone Island day trip decision!

At Victor's restaurant on Stone Island you can relax in the sun or shade, and there are hammocks to swing in. Victor's is inexpensive, and the portions ample. The garlic shrimp, for example, has 10 jumbo shrimp, and comes with onion rings, rice, vegetable, cole slaw and fruit! The chips and home made salsa are delicious.

Those on Mazatlan day trips to Stone Island appreciate that beach chairs, boogie boards and and other fun beach stuff is available at Victor's. Victor's is also a bar, and is one of the few places on Stone Island where Margarita's are served.

Stone Island lancha ticketStone Island Day Trip Directions

Getting to Isla de la Piedra couldn't be easier!

To begin Mazatlan day trips to Stone Island just drive (or take a taxi) to the Playa Sur Embarcadero near the ferry terminal -- you'll see signs for various lancha operators. The ride is short, the lancha's for Stone Island leave about every 20 minutes, and cost only 20p -- one of our least expensive Mazatlan day trips!

These lanchas operate from about 7am until 7pm. If you stay on Stone Island later than 7pm there are other lanchas that operate 24 hours and land at the base of the slightly less convenient 21 De Marzo Street.

Stone Island map from Google Maps

North El Quelite | La Noria | Meseta de Cacaxtla and Barras de Piaxtla

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Islands near Mazatlan Stone Island | Deer Island and Goat Island | Bird Island

Day Trips from Mazatlan to Stone Island: Visit Isla de la Piedra and enjoy the best beaches in Mazatlan!


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