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Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico News
Mazatlán News and Current Events
Read local Mazatlan and national Mexico news in English!

News in English

Mexico Star | The Guadalajara Reporter | The News | Mexican Presidential Website

News in Spanish (easy to translate!)

El Debate | El Sol de Mazatlan | Noroeste

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico news and newspapersMany visitors to Mazatlan -- or expatriate Mazatlan residents -- would like to learn more about current events in Mazatlan and other places in Mexico, but don't speak or read Spanish.

Fortunately, quality English language publishers -- and just touch of modern website machine translation technology -- make getting latest current news about Mazatlan in English as easy as the click of a mouse or the tap of a touch-screen!

The first four news websites listed are three English newspapers and online publications that publish daily stories about Mexico, Sinaloa and Mazatlan -- Mexico Star, The Guadalajara Reporter and The News -- along with the English version of the official website of the President of Mexico.

The three additional listings are the websites of large Sinaloa newspapers that have substantial daily coverage of breaking Mazatlan news -- El Debate, El Sol de Mazatlan and Noroeste.

Here is where the technology comes in.

Browser-based machine translation made easy!

(Technology Note: For those familiar with browser-based machine translation, just skip this and have fun reading El Debate, El Sol de Mazatlan and Noroeste!)

Machine translation has improved greatly in just the past couple of years, but machine translation is also still capable of producing remarkably inaccurate -- and often quite incomprehensible -- translations of news stories.

But for purposes of reading an online newspaper or other news source, machine translation -- however imperfect -- opens up an entire new universe of information for non-Spanish speakers: news and information about Mexico written by Mexicans from a Mexican perspective.

The simplest of news stories are prime examples, offering a look into Mexican life as it is lived today in a way that media filtered for English language readers very rarely can.

All modern browsers have some degree of translation capability.

If you want to begin using machine translation of news websites, the easiest way is to let your browser do the work.

News website translation with Google Chrome

Google's Chrome ( browser is as easy to use as any: Google translation is built in, and viewing a web page in various languages is essentially a one-click operation.

Chrome can be downloaded for Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, for Mac OSX, and for Linux.

News website translation with Mozilla Firefox

Likewise, Mozilla's Firefox ( is renowned for its add-on's (extensions), and there are a very large number that provide translation, as well as other language-related functions.

Firefox can be downloaded for Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, for Mac OSX as well as Android devices and both standard Linux distros as well as 64-bit Linux distributions.

The latest English language news about Mexico, Sinaloa and Mazatlán

Mexican Presidential official

The official site of the Mexican Presidency, this English online resource presents a fascinating view of the responsibilities, actions and thoughts of the Mexican President.

A bit of Spanish slips in from time to time, but the site is virtually entirely in English, and the articles present a portrait of the world through the Mexican governments' eyes.

Mexico Star online Mexican news

The Mexico Star is a major independent online news service providing in-depth coverage of Mexico in English.

Their objective is to provide the most comprehensive Mexican news available, with content produced by their own editorial resources, wire services and an inventory of thousands of news sources made up of Spanish language newspapers, cable and TV networks, radio stations, public broadcasters, NGOs and others.

Guadalajara Reporter newspaper

A major international source for Mexican news in English, the Guadalajara Reporter -- as it's name suggests -- focuses it's coverage on the greater Guadalajara / Lake Chapala areas.

The Guadalajara Reporter also covers national news, and has a section devoted specifically to expatriate living, much of which is useful to ex-pats living in Mazatlan or visiting seasonally.

The News online reporting on

With a history dating back six decades, The News -- in print -- is the only English-language daily newspaper in Mexico.

Their daily circulation reaches out from Mexico City to to encompass the entire country of Mexico and their editorial intent is to provide a balanced, independent view of Mexico.

The News is widely read by the community of expatriates living in Mexico, and the website is content-rich and well organized, with information presented in the following categories:

Mexico The latest news and analysis on politics, crime, society and public policy. Opens a window in Mexican current events that is usually inadcessible to English speakers.

World A window on international news in a global context, coverage focuses on the most relevant issues the day such as conflicts, the environment, international relations and immigration. The News' world coverage also provides readers an easy opportunity to keep up to date with events in their home countries.

Living The best of Mexican culture, travel and food. Whether you are looking for a concert to go to, a museum to visit or just want to take a weekend break you will find great Mexico information in The News' Living section.

Business The latest on the economy and corporate news, both in Mexico and internationally.

Sports Full local and international sports coverage with a depth and breadth unequalled in any Mexican media. From baseball to cricket to golf, brings you the sports news and analysis you want.

Spanish language Mazatlán daily newspapers with current breaking news that can be easily translated

El Debate Mazatlan newspaper online

El Debate is based in Culiacan and is a major source of detailed daily coverage of local Mazatlan and Sinaloa State news stories.

El Debate also has news sections devoted to the cities of Los Mochis, Guasave, Guamuchil and Culiacan, as well as the states of Sonora, Durango, Baja California and Nayarit -- as well as news about any other international category of information you can imagine!

El Debate has long reached out to digital news readers, and has offered apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices since 2011.

El Sol de Mazatlan newspaper online

El Sol de Mazatlan is a long-established news source covering Mazatlan.

Part of the huge Organización Editorial Mexicana -- the largest print media company in Mexico and the largest newspaper publisher in Latin America -- El Sol de Mazatlan benefits from the deep reporting resources of its parent company.

El Sol de Mazatlan covers much more than the latest local Mazatlan news stories, with sections devoted to pretty much any Mexican or international area of interest.

Noroeste Mazatlan newspaper online

Noroeste is a major source of breaking local news about Mazatlan.

Owned by Grupo Noroeste -- a Sinaloa-based media group -- Noroeste is strongly focused on broad coverage of current news events occuring throughout Sinaloa State, not just Mazatlan.

Founded in Culiacan in 1973, Noroeste prides itself on being an informative news source that presents independent and accurate information.

How to get the latest breaking news about Mazatlan, Sinaloa and Mexico in English and easy-to-translate Spanish online that is updated daily!

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