Mazatlan Juice Bars Guide: A 2016 travelers guide to recommended juice bars in Mazatlan Mexico.
Best recommended Mazatlan juice bars with free WiFi, cafe, information, reviews, descriptions, addresses.

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Mazatlan Mexico juice bars
Juice Bars in Mazatlán
The best recommended vegetarian-friendly juice bars

Mazatlan Mexico juice barsOur city is home to excellent juice bars and street carts offering delicious fresh fruit drinks.

Most of our recommended Mazatlan juice bars are long-established businesses.

One of our recommended Mazatlan juice bars -- Pura Vida -- offers free wireless internet (WiFi) access to customers and broadcasts an unsecured wireless signal that anyone nearby can use. Pura Vida is also very well liked by vegetarians -- especially Vegans!

The street carts are another great option if you like fresh-squeezed juices and juice drinks. There are the many of these mobile juice bars juice carts plying the streets of Mazatlan at most hours. Clean and as fresh as it gets, these juice carts mean you are never far from a refreshing healthy beverage!

Dona Dona | El Naranjo Jugos y Licuados | Jugos y Licuados El Dengue

Pura Vida | The Juice Bar

Dona Dona Recommended Mazatlan Juice Bar
Information about the best juice bars in Mazatlan Mexico Golden Zone

Telephone 669 914 2200

Avenida Camarón Sábalo

Dona Dona in Mazatlan is a Golden Zone - Zona Dorada favorite. One of our most consistently recommended juice bars in Mazatlan, Dona Dona also serves donuts!

El Naranjo Jugos y Licuados Recommended Mazatlan Juice Bar
Information about the best juice bars in Mazatlan Mexico

Telephone 669 913 2017

Camarón Sábalo 1940 / Across from the Solamar Inn

El Naranjo in Mazatlan is a lovely clean Golden Zone juice bar. Located on Avenida Camarón Sábalo and easily spotted because of its bright orange exterior, El Naranjo offers a very wide range of fresh squeezed juices and other nutritious all-natural beverages.

If you want solid food, El Naranjo also has tacos, tortas, sandwiches, and delicious thin hamburgers.

Very inexpensive, El Naranjo is open from 6am until 10pm daily, and will even deliver!

Jugos y Licuados El Dengue Recommended Mazatlan Juice Bar
Information about the best juice bars in Mazatlan Mexico

Avenida Gutiérrez Najera 4-B / Colonia Reforma / Telephone 669 985 3946

Avenida Camarón Sábalo 333 / Golden Zone / Telephone 669 913 0246

Jugos y Licuados El Dengue has been serving fresh fruit smoothies and licuados in Mazatlan since 1977! They have two locations: one on the exterior of Mercado Juan Carrasco (Avenida Gutierrez Najera) and the other on Camaron Sabalo in the Golden Zone. They also have a location in Cabo San Lucas, but that would require a ferry ride...

Pura Vida Recommended Mazatlan Juice Bar
Information about the best juice bars in Mazatlan Mexico

Juice bar with free WiFi internet - Pura VidaTelephone 669 916 1010

Bugambilia 100 / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

Small stands, carts and restaurants specializing in fresh fruit and juice are part of the landscape throughout Mexico, and no where more so than in The Pearl of The Pacific.

Vegan-friendly and organic, Pura Vida in Mazatlan is an upscale version of the juice cart concept that offers over 100 different juice combinations, wonderful selection of fresh fruit, juices and smoothies ranging from kelp to papaya. Try the fruit salad: pineapple, banana, strawberries, mango, grapes, papaya, melon, apple, guava, nuts, granola, cinnamon, yogurt and a touch of honey.

But Pura Vida is more than just fruit and juice. Their menu offers a wide variety of nutritious organic foods, including energy bars, muffins, omelets and whole-wheat pancakes for breakfast, sandwiches, salads, soups, Mexican specialties for lunch and a range of vegetarian dishes offered, such as soy burgers.

Highly recommended: the veggie and chicken sandwiches served on whole-wheat rolls -- delicious!

The Mazatlan Pura Vida is located on the first street south of Playa Mazatlan, across the street from the D'Gala Mazatlan hotel, and is open daily from 8am until 11pm.

One of our most highly recommended juice bars in Mazatlan, this juice bar offers free high-speed wireless internet -- and a buddha statue!

The Juice Bar Recommended Mazatlan Juice Bar
Information about the best juice bars in Mazatlan Mexico

Telephone 669 913 0090

Avenida Camarón Sábalo / Golden Zone - Zona Dorada

The Juice Bar in Mazatlan is one of our most highly recommended juice bars. Located in the heart of the Golden Zone - Zona Dorada, The Juice Bar offers delicious fresh squeezed juices, smoothies, and vegetarian treats!

Dona Dona | El Naranjo Jugos y Licuados | Jugos y Licuados El Dengue

Pura Vida | The Juice Bar

2016 Mazatlan Juice Bar Guide: Finding the best recommended juice bars in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico


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